Tuesday , October 4 2022

On November 11, the US Department of State warns of marches


The State Department issued a warning to US citizens who are staying in Warsaw on November 11. Warns of Mart, organized by the Independence March Association. He points out that violence is taking place and that words are spoken against minorities. However, it is unknown whether this will happen on the procession because it is banned and instead the government is organizing a state procession.

"Several events will take place on November 11, in connection with the Polish Independence Day from the Sejm building to the sht Szczecin, and you can go. In recent years, violent incidents have taken place between expressions and reprisals," we read in the Twitter section.

The full report on the Department's website reads:

"March, organized by the March Independence Association, gathered more than 50,000 participants. In previous years, some at 10:00, participants in the procession slammed rockets, banners and slogans against racial, sexual and religious minorities."

The State Department also writes that "there have been instances of violence, including clashes between actors and applicants". The State Department mistakenly indicates the March route and writes that it starts near the Seimas. In fact, the starting point was (as every year) in the center of Warsaw's Rondo Dmowskiego.

The Bureau recommends that US citizens avoid marches, crowds and other observations, media tracking and "cautious and unobtrusive".

The State Department issued alerts similarly before 11 November and two years ago, but the statements did not mention "cases of violence" and denominations against minorities.

State Department alerts

The State Department, like other countries' analogue ministries (including the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), regularly alerts its citizens abroad. They cover serious threats such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks, as well as possible obstacles such as manifestations or strikes.

For example, Americans have issued a warning for a major protest planned on November 10 in Rome. However, Twitter is flagged as a "demo warning" on Twitter. The report on Poland was marked as a "safety warning", such as the recent Barcelona Explosion Warning.

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