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Objections to the transfer of one billion TVPs. "Let's leave!" | policy

Members of the Saeima discussed amendments to the law on subscription fees. The Legislative and Justice Club's proposal introduces a compensation mechanism – more than PLN 1 billion – for the loss of subscription fees.

These funds will be transferred to the Polish Radio and TVP units selected by the National Radio and Television Council. As stated in the explanatory memorandum to the project, "the purpose of the legislation is to provide compensation for losses resulting from the fact that in 2018 and 2019, persons legally exempt from this obligation do not pay subscription fees".

Before the vote, the Members talked about the bill, but it is difficult to talk about the debate. First, PiS presented its position and then, for a long time, opposition members with sharp criticism of the TMP.

The first reading was overwritten several times, after all, it started after 23, and even after midnight. Barbara Bubula appeared on behalf of PiS. It defended the project and said that TVP became an opposition whip boy. The law itself says that no one should be surprised, because "it continues to compensate for public media compensation for the loss of a subscription paid a year ago". She exchanged further TMPs with "necessary" funding. She mentioned, among other things, "great films about Polish history" and "civic education".

"Even propaganda in the children's channel"

In subsequent statements, opposition MPs criticized the bill and, above all, the public media. – This night's debate on a bill that gives TVP more than one billion zloty is great for you. At night, people who have a dirty intention come into the money. This is the law of plundering. The plundering of state funds to subsidize your propaganda, said S³awomir Neumann. – What's with you? Did Kurski spend all the money on New Year's Eve with TVP? – he asked.

– TVP today is a technological line related to industrial tension, humiliation, opposition, judges, women who defend their rights, and attacks on OIL. It was a public television that organized a hunt for Pawel Adamowicz, ”said Neumans. – Lie! said the ruling party deputy.

In the last few weeks, the Christmas Charity Grand Orchestra had a great hatred that has collected more than one billion zloty for over 27 years. The orchestra that started playing and played with public television for years. It was only when Jacek Kurski came to block it – said PO MP. He stated that instead of allocating a billion zloty to TMPs, the authorities could transfer this amount to OIL. – It would be a monument to the century of independence. This treatment facility would be a monument, not a monument to the Ministry of Defense, ”he said. – And you want to allocate 1.26 billion to the sector of disrespect, the head party propaganda tube that has been completed and announced that he will not support the project. The PSL-UED club also asked to reject it.

Later opposition MPs attacked the idea of ​​financing a TMP. Tomasz Cimoszewicz quoted comments from the Internet, which were very important for TVP. – Why do we need it at midnight when in December President Jacek Kurski said he would receive a billion PLN 200 million and he already knew it? What is this fiction? asked Iwona | ledziñska-Katarasiñska. – This project is information from the Polish Poles: we lack money for propaganda pipe, and the elections are coming – said Anna Biakowska and talked about "propaganda machine" TVP. – There is even propaganda in the children's channel – said Miroseva Such from Nowoczesna. – Let's leave Kursk! – Monika Wielichowska called. Stefan Romecki from Kukiz & # 15; asked if these huge sums of money are being channeled into public media. – As employees, journalists, drivers are likely to leave the Polish table. They also have to remember – he said.

"An unpleasant smell against a minority"

Jacek Protasiewicz of the Union of European Democrats indicated that such compensation for TMPs could constitute state aid that should be notified to the European Commission. – This amount is shockingly huge. One billion 260 million would meet the demands, the foundations of carers for disabled people, who protested in this parliamentary corridor for several weeks. Back then, President Duda, Prime Minister Morawiecki, had full promises. But the pockets were twisted. And when Jacques Kursk came, this sum was found – said Protasiewicz.

He assessed the quality of public media as "questionable". – It's about the level of journalism presented on television. This is, among other things, the "Studio Polska" program in which he has fluctuated, and there is probably no doubt that it is a resistance to a minority. And last year a cup of anti-Semitism came out, "he said.

He also criticized the quality of TVP news programs. – I just want to remind you one day. January 13 – Paweł Adamowicz's Death Day. When "TVP News" published a hate speech program. And "treacherous killings" were not remembered, namely "blood on hand" expressed by "PIS" politicians was not remembered. Some, perhaps not always lucky, were reminded of the motto of opposition politicians – said Protasiewicz.

Józef Brynkus of Kukiz & # 15; also described the amount of compensation as "shocking". Usually Pole is an unimaginable money. It's the money you don't know how to handle. The quality of this television is terrible – said MP. – There's nothing worthwhile about this television – he added.

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