Tuesday , October 4 2022

Monetary Policy Board: interest rates remain unchanged


Krzysztof Kolany

The Monetary Policy Council has not changed the attitude
and at the October meeting it maintained its previous interest rates

According to the CPC decision, the reference rate in Poland will remain at the level
1.50 percent, lombard rate 2.50 percent, deposit 0.50 percent, rediscount rate
1.75 percent Interest rates in history have remained at their lowest levels.

Interest rates at the Polish National Bank.

In the past, the Council, still in its old staff, reduced interest rates in March 2015
three years ago. This means that we live the longest in history
During the stabilization of interest rates set by the Monetary Policy Council.

The current Monetary Policy Council is extremely reluctant to raise interest rates. Although official PCI inflation is higher than the NBP reference rate, President Adam Glapinski and most MPC participants do not see the need to increase the price of money.

– Projection reinforces my personal conviction that it will end
2020 will not change the level of interest rates – said President Glapinsky at a press conference after the July Council meeting. He explained his position in October.

– I have never notified
stability (interest rates – PPAs) by the end of 2020, bold
However, I declare that – with great probability – the rates
will remain unchanged until the end of 2019, and if nothing has changed –
then the situation is currently stable, and I believe that in 2019
then it will be like this "- said NBP president a month ago.

After noon A conference with Adam Glapinski and two will begin at 16:00
other members of the Monetary Policy Council.

The last meeting of the Council in 2018 will take place from 4 to 5. In December



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