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Minimum Wage 2021. See what other benefits will increase from the new year along with the minimum wage [lista – 6.12.2020]


From January 2021, the minimum wage in Poland will be PLN 2,800 gross and the minimum hourly wage will be PLN 18.30 gross. We explain who will benefit from this increase.

The provisions of the Minimum Wage Act stipulate that an employee’s minimum wage for the entire month worked may not be lower than the minimum wage set for the relevant year. In 2020, it is PLN 2600 gross. From 1 January 2021, it will be PLN 200 more, ie PLN 2,800 gross. The hourly rate will also be higher. It currently amounts to PLN 17 gross. In 2021, it will be PLN 1.30 more, ie PLN 18.30.

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The minimum wage only applies to full-time employees. They do not apply to civil law contracts, ie commissions or special employment contracts. Therefore, the boss can enter into a power of attorney contract and pay, for example, 1800, 2000 or 2500 PLN gross, which is less than the minimum wage in our country in the new year.

Increasing the minimum wage also means increasing other benefits. Check out the information in our gallery.

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