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Mel Gibson celebrates 100 years of Polish independence! This video Must See


Mel Gibson celebrates Polish independence

Poland must regain its independence! Mel Gibson tells about an amazing story about the Polish language – this video must be viewed until November 11th!

this year Independence Day it's a special day for each pole. On November 11, 2018, Poland will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the regaining of independence. In this case, countries from all over the world want the best of us and welcome the last 100 years free of charge. He also joined the Independence Party with Poland Mel Gibsons!

Mel Gibsons occurred on the site that was prepared Polish National Fund zatutyłowanym We will celebrate Poland for hundreds of years by regaining its independence. The Australian actor, moving heavily, lets everyone understand what it means if you can not go home for 123 years. At that time, Poland was divided.

Mel Gibson – Polish independence in his eyes

story Mela Gibson the independence of Poland is a great way we can show the fate of our country abroad. At last there is a beautiful and moving holiday – and so it should stay. Comments on Youtube below the video on the channel Polish National Fund they speak for themselves.

I cried How nice to be proud of your country? Long live and independent Poland.

The beautiful film Mel Gibson is always brilliant. I am glad that this is not only a great actor, but also a man with a strong moral backbone that promotes our homeland.

Super Bravo for the idea and this moving tip. Good job.

Let's celebrate together! I wish you 1000 years more. I know that our relationship is not perfect at the moment, but tomorrow we should be together. Everything is good from Lithuania, the best Poland! 1000 years!

– these are the first couple of comments.

There is no doubt that this movie from Melem Gibsons before Independence Day should look at each pole.

Watch this touch video on our site!

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