Thursday , March 4 2021

Maciej Stuhr and Cuba Wojewdzki were visible. At one point, the show moved a lot

Planet of singles 2 outstrip recordings. No wonder Maciej Stuhr, who is one of the main characters in the film, will visit Cuba Wojewdzkiego's studio. The actor not only answers questions about self-employed TVN, but during the program he also unlocks his kisses.

Fighting in the air will be the beginning of a conversation about homosexuality.

This is a rumor about the test that men of our age should do to make sure they are gay or not. (…) It should be repeated every time and again. The test is that if you use someone with an erection and you do not have an erection, you are not gay – a stone mass with a stony face Maciej Stuhr.

And this is not a gay … and it does not worry about what I said – at the moment, Wojewdzki, who apparently calls for his last conversation with Anj Rubik, who is asking him directly about his sexual orientation.

Maciej Stuhr at Cuba Wojewdzski about father

The conversation, as is the case with Cuba Wojewdzkiego, should include the issue of the age of a journalist and his guests. This time the father's theme was also affected. And this is because Maciej Stuhr is a father of 2 years old and, as he says with him, the book "Tata Tadzik", a collection of columns, published on the monthly Zwierciado list.

Does the father refuse, does it make you enter? – a curious journalist who admits that when they want fathers.

I would say that it refuses. (…) The child encourages the elderly to take care of things, for example, we eat medicines. (…) In my week my son started talking to me by name. (…) Yesterday, he said that he had a birthday because he wanted to give away gifts. As I asked who said it was left, the actor admits.

It can get into this drugstore – Wojewdzki.

Maciej Stuhr for his work on Facebook

What do I not see lately? – Start Cub, who apparently wants to refer to the artist's political and social work.

From the Pokocia, a sensitive moment began, it turned out that I had friends and people who showed various gestures. And it would be a shock, because it happened in a few days. I understand how I wrote one, second, third, Facebook post, which leads to a discussion that can be found in this slightly jubilant joy (…) I do not like them all. (…) I'm thinking in particular of my incredible stupidity.

The contestant will continue to be comforted by his often political statement of social media.

Sometimes the state is hurt. It seems to me that, using his media position, he's doing much more important in life than walking on red carpets, "he explains, and the wolf is open to applause.

Maciej Stuhr on Planet of Singles 2

Eventually, the theme of "The Planets of Solomon 2" was discussed, in which Stuhr is an indisputable star.

Feeling Between You and Widoch? – asked TVN.

I do not know what's between me and Agnieszka in the way that we, after extensive parts of the film, gather and leave behind us, because after the first part of the film, as the press reports, it is on the other.

But now there are rumors, we do not know it – we will stop him Wojewdzki.

I do not know, and I'm afraid, "Stuhr adds.

Will Stuhr not want to create secrets for a colleague from the industry? After all, the fact that Widoch was married to Antoni Pawlicki was mentioned for some time.


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