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LOT suspends connection from port Olsztyn-Mazur …


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LOT suspends connection from Olsztyn-Mazury port to Lvov

LOT Polish carrier carrier suspends air services from Olsztyn-Mazuria to Lvov for about a month. Flights to Ukraine will return to the connecting network, probably just before Christmas.

A connection from Szymany to Lviv has been canceled for more than a month thanks to the LOT Polish airline reservation system. It is not precisely known what the reasons for such a decision are.

– The LOT Polish Airlines carrier decided to cancel flights from / to Lvov from 12.11.2018 for operational reasons. Until 18.12.2018. In case of further changes, we will inform you in the above direction – informed the head of the Olsztyn-Masurian airport.

The connection is likely to return to the network on December 22nd.

Recall, flights from Szymany to Lviv were introduced in March this year. Cruises are made by the Q400 Bombardier Aircraft.

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