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Kvasnevsky's "Facts by Facts" about Tuska's return: he made a decision

Alexander Kwaśniewski, Facts by Facts, estimated Donald Tusk "to behave completely correctly" when he arrived in Poland to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the regaining of independence.

I do not at all know that this was the case – underlined Prime Minister Michael's office head …

Donald Tusk participated in the Warsaw ceremony at Piłsudski Square during the Independence Day. Ceremonial instruction was held before the unknown soldier's mausoleum.

During the ceremony, President Andrzej Duda thanked the guests who were invited to the ceremony. Among them, he did not underline the President of the European Council. Donald Tusk was in the institutional sector, but he was in one of the following rows.

"Political mistakes arising from abnormal human displeasure"

– He is a Polish, former Prime Minister of the Polish Government, today the President of the European Council, and in this place his place was undoubtedly in Warsaw. I'm sorry it's not appreciated. He was not satisfied, he was promoted to the next line, and he is still a high representative from Europe, the European Union in which we are, "said Kwaśniewski.

– unless [szef Komisji Europejskiej Jean-Claude – red.] Junkers have come here, I do not think that he is facing the fifth row. Like I do not think that Gencers had the problem of finding the edge that he had to submit, said the former president.

In his opinion, a guest representing the European Union should take the seat of the President, the Sejm and the Senate. – The fifth edges should be from the European Union, – said Kwasniewski. "In my opinion, these are political mistakes that arise from the dislike of abnormal people and can not be justified," said the former president.

Smart and cultured people know that there is a limit that does not exceed, even want …

"Tusk took a decision"

Alexander Kvasnevsky also referred to the possible return of Donald Tusk to Polish politics.

– Tusk does not try, Tuscus made a decision. Tisk returns to Polish politics simply. I do not think that it leaves certain illusions. Of course, he does not have to decide today. There will be time to make decisions. Much will depend on the results of the parliamentary elections – he evaluated the guests "Facts by Facts".

– Driving in some way, he builds a trap in this regard, because it creates big social expectations and how these expectations really will be very high, it will be hard to say: "No, I have been reflecting, I do not want, I'm behind me", – said the president. .

According to Mr. Kvasniewski, Polish social life will not be lost if Donald Tusk returns to Poland with his international experience. – Do voters trust him enough to give him the most important position in the country? This is an open question, he said.

However, as he added, Tuska's return to Polish politics "makes sense" and "be of value". "I have no doubt," concluded the former president.

Last Tusk visits in Poland

Tusk recently participated, among other things, in Freedom Games in Lodz, where he delivered a lecture on November 11, 2018 last Saturday. Poland and Europe, two anniversaries, two hours.

"Everyone agreed that it was about PiS. Even PiS thought that it was about the Bolsheviks, about nothing …

– If Joseph Piłsudski and Leh Valenz could win the Bolsheviks, and both had a much more complicated situation than today, why would you not be able to overcome the modern Bolshevik? – he asked, then he turned to the participants.

In the lecture, he called for the defense of Polish freedom and the rights and to defend freedom and Polish independence.

On Sunday, November 11, the former prime minister was in Warsaw, where he participated in the Piłsudski Square in a solemn briefing that was worth the Independence Day and placed the crown of the unknown soldier's tombs. Tusks together with PO leader Grzegorz Schetyna, former Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, Senate Vice-President Bogdan Borusewicz and the next President of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski also laid the crown at the monument to Marshal Piesudsk at Belvedere.

A group of people with white and red flags and European Union flags gathered in front of the monument. Sounded, among other things, the surname Tusk.

Last week, Donald Tusk was cautioned by Amber Gold's investigation commission. At the beginning of October, the former prime minister visited Krakow where he spoke at the conference "The role of the Catholic Church in the process of European integration".

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