Friday , March 5 2021

Jerzy Janowicz with a very prompt birthday on the 28th birthday

Our tennis player is rehabilitated after a knee surgery (we hope he will return at the start of the next season), but he strives to live a full life. In the evening of November, Wimbledon Semifinals were held on 28. On this special day, he showed a car that serves him in the near future. It is a very fast car that speeds up to 100 km / h for just over 3 seconds and can travel at a top speed of 312 km / h. It has a fairly high fuel appetite. The average combustion according to the manufacturer's data is almost 13 liters. It can be assumed that when driving fast, it increases quite strongly.

The gift of our tennis player mixed with a variety of feelings on the web. Many people praised this choice, wanted their dreams and luck on the road and on the court, others turned to him skeptically. How did Janowicz comment?

– Let's be glad for life, I also want to fulfill my dream of 30 and buy Aston, let others bake what you need – he wrote. Jerzy, although he has not played for over a year, is a happy man today. And this is probably the most important today.

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