Monday , March 8 2021

Inverted rainbow over Zbylitowska hill. "I called my wife, checked on the internet, what is it?"

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We got perimeter arches photos from 24. reportiere 24 Contact for nick syl. Citizen Zbylitowska Góra emphasized that he had seen such a phenomenon for the first time. "Before I saw it, it probably took a while – I called my wife and she checked the internet for what it was. She also took some photos with her cell phone," he wrote.

Very rare phenomenon

A circular ribbon is a rare rare opposition to the phenomenon. It forms in the atmosphere after the collapse of sunlight in small crystalline hexagonal forms.

The light rays stop at a great angle (almost 90 degrees), which isolates the rainbow colors in particular. Thanks to this, the reverse rainbow has a clearer color than traditional.

To create this phenomenon, the sun must be properly set – it can not be higher than 32.5 degrees above the horizon. The most beautiful arches are formed when the sun is between 15 and 20 degrees above the horizon.

It lasted about 15 minutes

The author described the rainbow as having a great effect on him.

"I did not expect it – you can not see it in the pictures, but it was very bright, but the colors were completely noticeable." The first rainbow was the likeness of a normal rim in the rain, but at times there appeared a lot of heavens in the sky in the sky. Overall, at that time (from 13,50 to 14,15) there were about three rainbows, with the fact that it was the largest, gradually fading, then it did not appear any more lasted about 15 minutes ", – said the author of the picture.

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