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In the footsteps of a great grandfather. After the final of the 11th edition of “Voice of Poland” [RELACJA]


  • Behind is the final of the eleventh edition of The Voice of Poland
  • The wins were won by Ania Gąsienica-Byrcyn, Adam Kalinowski, Krystian Ochman and Jdrzej Skiba, coaches Edyta Górniak, Baron and Tomson, Michał Szpak and Urszula Dudziak.
  • Won by Krystian Ochman. Mishala Spak’s guardian was born and raised in the United States. He is the grandson of the famous tenor Wislav Ochman
  • The competition was at a high level, Edyta Górniaka did not cry this time, and TVP President Jacek Kurski, who was present at the announcement of the results, announced that 3 million 800 thousand people watched the program. viewers
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As time goes on … Nine years have passed and we already have eleven editions of “The Voice of Poland” – based on the Dutch format “The Voice”. It seems that the time for talent shows is over, but TVP effectively takes advantage of the recent lack of such programs in the competition and can attract a fairly large audience, averaging two million per episode. The format has managed to create some titles that work on our music scene, although they have not reached star status. The first editions went to Damian Ukeje, Natalia Sikora and Mateusz Ziołko, and the last two to Marcins Sójka and Alicja Szemplińska, Poland’s representative in this year’s 65th Eurovision Song Contest, have unfortunately been canceled due to the pandemic.

In the final, Ania Gąsienica-Byrcyn, Adam Kalinowski, Krystian Ochman and Jdrzej Skiba competed for the 11th edition of The Voice of Poland and the accusations of coaches Edyta Górniak, Baron and Thomson, Michał Szpak and Urszula Dudziak respectively. There are no weak voices in this program, as already in the “Listening to the Blind” stage, the participants who know how to sing have chosen the so-called production originals – sometimes with considerable stage experience. And that means a pretty high level.

The competition consisted of three rounds, and who will continue, as always in the final, was decided not by the coaches, but by the spectators. The first round consisted of solo performers and a coach performance. Among other things, we learned that Edita Górniaka had finally met the family of Anija Gąsienica-Byrcina Highlands, recognizing that in the future she would like to grow chanterelles, and by drinking hot wine, you get a “terrible kiss and you have to run away”. In a pandemic era and Edyta’s known approach to this topic, the advice is very valuable.

The joint duo with a charge in “Rolling In The Deep” came out right, although it’s hard to line up with the original Adel. In this part, Ania Gąsienica-Byrcyn also sang the soul ballad “Only One Night” of the musical “Dreamgirls”, performed by, among others, the author Jennifer Hudson.

– At this stage we are no longer evaluating, but we are excited. You sang sensationally, beautifully – praised the participant Urszula Dudziak.

Thomson and Baron, Adam Kalinovsky’s trainers, the biggest veterans of the program (they were in all editions except the ninth), visited the animal shelter with him in search of dogs that will appear in Afromental’s video “Wściekłe Psy”. Together they played the acoustic “Drive”, the biggest rock of the Incubus hits, and later Adam turned to Gary Moore’s ballad blues “Still Got the Blues” – he sang great, his voice is very rock, but perhaps a more expressive song would allow the finalist to offer even more chance.

– People, saints, oh God. Phenomenal, simply phenomenal, insane. It’s quite nice to listen to you – said Edyta Górniaka.

Mišal Špaks went with his student Krištian Ochman to Jasło, his hometown, showing him, among other things, the social center, where he sang on stage for the first time, where he performed the song of Gžegozh Turnau at the age of thirteen. Together they sang the Spanish version of the 1967 French hit “Comme d’habitude”, which Frank Sinatra best knows as “My Way”. Among other things, it was performed in Spanish by Il Divo or Gipsy Kings. The vocals were hard to blame, and the opera’s momentum fits well with this famous melody. Born and raised in the United States, Krystian is, after all, the grandson of lyrical tenor Wiesław Ochman – equally delighted coaches are rarely seen even in this program.

Then he came across Madonna’s “Frozen”, which was not an obvious choice and certainly not the easiest – but he managed to create an interesting atmosphere and, most importantly, to show with a diverse vocal color palette. “You are so original that you give your edition its uniqueness to the quality of this edition, and I wish you to remain so,” the baron praised. “You sing beautifully, you have such a natural stage personality that I just lost myself in music when you sing,” added Edyta Górniaka.

Urszula Dudziaka invited Jeju Skiba to the lap of nature, to her home in Podlasie to breathe shortly before the final. She also showed him photos from joint shows, incl. with Sting. The overall performance of “Virtual Madness” was similar to Jamiroquai, although enriched with the characteristic Dudziak scat. Kodaline Irish solo ballad “All I Want” fits into Skiba’s rather subtle and emotional singing style, which should not be difficult to navigate the peaceful folk rock repertoire.

– Listening to you, I like to learn this ease and every time you stand on stage, I try to absorb you. You can’t hear any effort and you can get very high notes with such ease … Give me that! – commented the delighted Michael Špaks.

Between the first and second stages, four finalists from Zbigniew Vodecka’s repertoire performed the song “I like to return to where I was” – unfortunately recently used a bit to use a certain brand in an advertising campaign, otherwise the sponsor of “The Voice of Poland”.

At this stage, viewers excluded Jelje Skiba from the program. – Dear Jedraszek, nothing can stop you from going very far – Urszula Dudziak assured his chamber. – You are very smart, very intelligent and very talented, and the fact that you did not win this program does not mean that there is any shadow or scratch here. I will applaud you several times – she admitted.

In the second part of the competition final, Ania Gąsienica-Byrcyn started with Kasia Wilk’s song “Until I Am” – a song that allows you to present a whole range of vocal possibilities, even if it was not a big hit. – Ania is the top shelf, you are amazing – praised the participant Urszula Dudziak. Adam Kalinovsky took the “Za Szkłem” brothers’ ballad to the workshop. – I am missing a word at this stage. It is such a pleasure that I do not want to repeat myself, said Edyta Górniaka, emphasizing that “we are very lucky to be able to enjoy music in such a difficult year” thanks to this unique, historical edition of “The Voice of Poland”. But “Don’t wait for me in Argentina” – Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” Polish version of Zdzisława Sośnicka’s album “Musicale” was perfectly interpreted by Krystian Ochman. “Wizard, you go into your role and change the formula of this program,” commented the baron. – You’re unique!

They reached the absolute “final” Krystian Ochmanwhich was at this stage in the first place, and Adams Klinovskis. – Anna, pride, pride, pride. Thank you so much for all the emotions and the time we have spent together, you are a phenomenal singer, world class – saying goodbye to your patronage Ania Gąsienica-Byrcyn Edyta Górniak, expressing the hope that as neighbors they will walk together in the mountains. The singer, who often loses control of emotions, did not cry this time.

In the final stage, the two finalists competed with their singles – first they went to Adam Kalinovsky’s “Tenement Houses”, which was intended as a compromise between his rock nature and radio needs, but they may not be big hits. Krystian Ochman’s “Chiaroscuro” was much more interesting and definitely more original, different from everything the participant sang before in the finals.

With audience voices Winner of the 11th edition of “Voice of Poland” he was clearly excited and nervous, waiting for the results Christian Ochmans. As a prize he received not only a statuette, but above all recording contract with Universal Music Polska i 50 thousand PLN. Of course, Jacek Kurski, the president of TVP, was also on the stage, who is unable to miss any opportunity to appear in the vision at important moments. By the way, he announced that the finals were watched by 3 million 800 thousand. human beings.

Christian can have an interesting career – he has opportunities in both popular music and the more classical world. Maybe he will try to build a bridge between them. Many have already done so, some have succeeded.

The program was also attended by coaches of the 1st, 6th, 7th and 8th editions Andrzej Piaseczny, who sang his song “For what is good, for what is better”, Sanah spent himself on the violin “Champagne” and then remembered his hit “No sory thanks to which she won two prizes in the “Premier” competition during the 57th National Polish Song Festival in Opole.

However, the winner of the previous edition, Alicja Szemplińska, presented her new single “Pusto”.

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