Tuesday , May 30 2023

He went in because he asked the police to check the validity of BMW


A 38-year-old resident of Kiel asked the police to check the legality of the car he wanted to buy. It turned out that the man wanted to, and the car serial numbers do not match his documents, – reported on Wednesday by police in Lublin.

According to police officers, on Tuesday, a 38-year-old Helmie asked the constituency to help determine if BMW, who wants to buy, was taken from a legitimate source. Officials who arrived at the site checked the car and its documents. It turned out that the BMW factory numbers were not compatible with those included in the documents.

The policeman also checked the man who asked them for help. It was discovered that he had wanted to hand over a two-month sentence for "a crime against justice."

"The policeman arrested her husband and brought him to jail on the same day, they also provided the car until it was impossible to intervene in its factory rooms," said the police.

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