Wednesday , December 1 2021

Experts: The badge may be badly prepared


"We want to reiterate our concern about how the procedure for drawing graphical attachments to the State Symbols Act is being made", – wrote in a letter to the Ministry of Culture of the Board of Graphic Designers' Association (STGU). He fears that the new version of the symbol can be printed less professionally.

"Rzeczpospolita" recalls that in October it wrote about the fact that the Department of Culture ordered graphic designers Alexander Bąk to design the emblem. At the moment, the draft law on the coat of arms, color and anthem is a symbol in the drawing version, with which you can use the computer technology a little bit. The annex to the new law is therefore the electronic spatial version that can be enlarged and reduced, as well as the versions of the new official emblem: flat without shading and black and white.

The association agrees that the annexes must be corrected. However, he claims that the process of ordering new symbols for the "does not indicate that the whole procedure should be carried out carefully and professionally".

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As a plaintiff, "there are doubts about the composition of the jury, which has only one member, the representative of the STGU specializing in the graph", we read. "One of the elements of the offer was heraldic publications, but the time to read the texts allowed to read only the names of these publications", – accuses STGU.

He adds that the ministry has chosen the tenderer at the lowest price, which may give the impression that "expert arguments have not been taken into account". STGU also claims that the 50-day deadline for attachments is too short as the new emblem versions will be used in a variety of media and in the media.

Source: "Rzeczpospolita".


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