Saturday , May 15 2021

energy companies want a price increase of 40 percent. Applications already in ERO

Four state-owned energy companies that have to submit tariff applications for the coming year have already done so. The first information on this topic appeared on Thursday, now we have their confirmation.

Energy companies applied for new electricity tariffs

– In fact, as in previous years, the Office called on four so-called vendors from the office (PGE, Tauron, Enea, Energa) to submit tariff applications for 2019. Binding energy consumption tariffs for household users are valid until December 31, this year. The Bureau received requests for energy sales on November 15th. We carry out the tariff procedure, – said Agnieszka Gioņevska, a representative of URE, commenting on

Companies have to submit proposals on household electricity prices (G tariff) to the Energy Regulatory Office, which decides whether to approve them in mid-December. Companies do not disclose the content of applications. The Office itself does not provide such information.

– At what level will electricity costs be paid to households in 2019, it will be known only after the end of the tariff process, says Agnieszka Gioņevska.

Electricity prices will increase by two-digit?

But while writing "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna", with reference to unofficial information, some of them want to raise prices by 30 percent.

Rzeczpospolita also reports a two-digit increase in electricity prices next year. According to the newspaper, the increase in energy sales demanded was 20%. and 40 percent However, this is only conclusions, the final decision depends on the chair of the Office of the Energy Regulators.

In early October, an analyst at an interview in the next said that if you look at what was happening on the stock market, household electricity should be more expensive by about 30 percent.

Such calculations were rejected by the Minister of Energy. Krzysztof Tchorzewski confirmed that the bills for next year's year will not increase by more than 5 percent, and if this happens, the first tax thresholds will be offset by the state (no one knows exactly how to look because we do not know the bill). In a separate Twitter statement, the minister stressed that "Polish families whose annual income is in the first tax threshold will not have to pay higher bills for the electricity supplied in 2019 compared to 2018".

How are household electricity prices determined?

Electricity prices in Poland are regulated only by households. This does not apply to tariffs for companies that already have a price increase.

– The approval of the tariff (and hence the price list) always takes place at the request of the energy company, and before that a thorough administrative procedure is carried out. The legal framework for tariff procedures for the Chairman of the ERO is laid down in the Energy Law and Tariff Rules. According to these acts, the tariffs must ensure, in particular, the legitimate costs of the company's business and the justified return on capital in this activity, while ensuring the protection of the interests of the beneficiaries against unjustified price levels and charge rates, explains ERO.

The obligation to submit tariff applications is not available for tariffs for companies that already have a price increase.

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