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Eight changes to Steam in 2019


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Valve announced eight changes that it plans to implement in 2019 on the Steam platform. These include, for example,, Chat and Library. In addition, the popular digital distribution platform will officially go to China.

The last few months were not very happy with Steam. First of all, he grew up with a serious competition in the form of an Epic Games store emigrated by Ubisoft and his Tom Clancy division 2. However, Valve does not intend to keep track of the situation and the annual summary announced eight changes that are expected to appear in 2019 on this popular digital distribution platform.

In 2019, Steam is waiting for change. - Eight Changes in Steam 2019 - News - 2019-01-15

In 2019, Steam is waiting for change.

The upcoming news includes, among other things, how to choose the recommended items in the store, the library, the recently updated chat, and SteamTV, the streaming platform for the Gabe Newell corporation. Multiplayer lovers will certainly be interested in plans related to Steam Trust technologyresponsible for the safe coherence of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It should be developed and made available to all Valve platform names.

In other important cases, Steam will officially enter the Chinese market in the next twelve months. This is due to Valve's cooperation with Beijing's Perfect World. This company is mainly engaged in the production of MMORPG games. Among the names she created are the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms, Forsaken World and Jade Dynasty.

The steam shop recommendations system should also be improved. - Eight Changes in Steam 2019 - News - 2019-01-15

The steam shop recommendations system should also be improved.

Below is a complete list of eight changes that Valve intends to implement on the Steam Platform in 2019, as well as their official descriptions.

  1. Store Promotion – we are working on a new advisory mechanism that uses machine training to capture games to users based on their desires. However, the algorithms are only part of this new solution, so we are also developing other features by constantly evaluating the overall design of the store.
  2. Steam in China – we have cooperated with Perfect World to launch Steam in China. In the coming months, we will let you know.
  3. Steam Library Update – The Steam client will have the long-awaited changes, including an improved steam library based on the technology used in the steam chat.
  4. New Event System – We will update the Steam community event system so you can distinguish exciting events in your games, such as tournaments, broadcasts, or weekly challenges.
  5. – we plan to develop and broadcast not only some broadcasts and special events, but also support all games.
  6. Steam Chat – we will release the new Steam Chat mobile app to let you share your favorite GIF files with friends on the go.
  7. Steam Trust – we will update the technology based on trust factor competition CS: GO. It will also become the full feature of Steam, which is available for all games. This means that you will have more information you can use to determine if the user is a fraudster.
  8. Steam Internet Cafe Program – we will officially launch a new Internet cafe program so players can enjoy the Steam platform for hundreds of thousands of internet cafes around the world.

The platform will grow. - Eight Changes in Steam 2019 - News - 2019-01-15

The platform will grow.

Valve company she boasted recently Steam has over 30,000 games. The ban on unscrupulous users coincides perfectly with the Bellevue giant. Only in December he submitted a block to 609,373 accounts, mainly for fraud Counter-Strike: Global Attack. This is the highest score in corporate history.

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