Monday , February 6 2023

Dorota Gardias is no longer going to remain silent! She admitted what her life was like


Dorota Gardias (40) fought the coronavirus two months ago, which she eventually won. Now the TVN weather forecaster reveals what her life is like now and what her dreams are.

In early October, Dorothy Gardias was diagnosed with the coronavirus, which was most likely contracted by Chania’s 7-year-old daughter. The weather forecaster needed hospitalization and was also associated with oxygen for some time.

Fortunately, everything ended well, and the manager has already returned to work. She must reconcile her professional responsibilities with that of a single mother. It will be recalled that Dorota and her partner Pjotr ​​Bukoveckis (now related to Edita Herbush) broke up a few years ago, but they still maintain a friendly relationship.

“It’s important to me that Chania has great contacts with her father. And I think Peter is her best father,” she told an interview with the weekly Świat ierów.

Her daughter, Chania, is distance learning, so she needs more attention and help now. Before the pandemic, the two were almost homeless. Why?

Chania is an unusual girl who enjoys extracurricular activities. Dorothy’s daughter attended additional English lessons, learned to play the violin, trained cheerleaders, and traveled with her mother. Their lives changed dramatically due to the pandemic.

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