Tuesday , February 7 2023

Der Spiegel discovered additional information. Manchester City signed a two-way agreement with a football coach


In 2009, Manchester City signed a double contract with Roberto Mancinim, according to a German daily newspaper co-operating with the Football Loss Organization in detecting illegal football bets. One of the best is offering Italy the first Citizen Trainer. The second, according to which Mancini became the special adviser to Al Jazeera, a club owned by Sheikh Mansour, who owns the Manchester Club.

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Under the first contract, Mancini earned £ 1.45 million a year. On the other hand, it guaranteed him £ 1.75 million for each working season. According to information from Der Spiegel, the main sponsor of Manchester, pour al-Jazir money, which transferred it to Mancini.

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German journalists claim that the purpose of such action was to circumvent the principles of fair play of finance. Der Spiegel not only reported the whole thing, but also included one of the emails sent by the former Sports Director of Manchester City, which, among other things, looked after 2009-2013. Year to pay two salaries to Mancini. – We have certain payments that we have to transfer to Al Jazir. We pour money into the club, and then he will give it according to the instructions – it was a snippet of the report.

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Publication of Mancini contracts is another result of German journalists' collaboration with Fotball Leaks. In the past, they were jointly informed about plans to create a Super Liga, to hand over Kylian Mbaps' requests to negotiate with the PSG, or to reveal documents that testify to the testimony of Cristiano Ronaldo after his alleged rape.

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