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Cuba Wojewdzki vs. Micha Figurski: Who "proves his greatness through little"? :: Magazine :: RMF FM


I always think that celebrity books are gay and probably because I've never been a celebrity, I think that 55 years is probably the first word to compile, his autobiography says Cuba Vojewdzki. The week before the release was a prime minister, and this already raises a lot of discussion … The private journalist's mistake, like the tsunami, starts to enter the home business.

TVN's sharp intimate recognition?

We look forward to this publication. A few weeks ago, information about Krall TVN's false autobiography electrified the media and all Wojewdzijski fancies. The journalist repeatedly admitted that he despised similar things from other celebrity Pirae, but he points out that he himself is not part of this group. Today it is known that the "Unreleased Biography" will not be overlooked. So far, some of the characters appearing in the book have already commented on it (including Anna Mucha, Agnieszka Chyliska or Martha Muda-Trzebiatowska), and emotionally referred to the content that she sees as Micha Figurski's theme.

All artists have limitations

An account of old friends and colleagues is described in the extremely unspeakable words of the governor's governorate. The journalist will not stop citing any jokes of social life … Wojewdzki from dozens or more websites will look at the bulk of the future and the future co-owner of Poranny WF.

Micha Figurski will suddenly appear to me. Our common destiny is like the earthquake railroad tracks. We warmly called you to hang one after another in a few years.

I call here our example trip to Chicago. Micha even had a rummage as an emigrant, even before the limits of the wings of the car, as a result of which he traveled to the cigarette field together. Target your target audience towards the famous actress from the "Na dobre i na z" series and ending with shooting.

There was no particular logic in that sense, because it would be happy to be so happy at this time, and the search for logic in your life would be like looking for a cock crowd over a gene nest.

Figur is an excellent material for a friend or punk group guitarist: open, positive, friendly, likes to drink as an anesthetic specialist – until loss of consciousness. Slightly, in my opinion, he read a bit, but maybe all that matters to me before my dating. I remember when I arrived at the house where he became a pool table in the largest room, and there was only one book in the book.

"Like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards"

The author's right is to create his work in the world according to subjective imagination. Wojewdzki use it incredibly accurately in this thread. He undoubtedly causes painful blows that some people leave without an answer. Autobiography in this edition also seems to be an ideal basis for collecting past history and what might have been hidden for several years.

Micha are, like almost any of us in his brain, a cellar to keep up with the inconvenience. Maul, confused and unhealthy competition. Micha had a problem with the second, the second with Wojewdzki. It was the most dumb in his career that he began to compete and it was not known whether it was in me or with the natural increase in his own problems.

He can not forgive himself for not being the leader in this duet. At the end of the co-operation, we were in a relationship like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The same group, scene, but different cabinet, also mentally.

Everyone was wondering what I would do with Michael after the famous deal with women from Ukraine. Or rather, what I will not do. My loyalty, trust and trust were appreciated without any idea of ​​how many bitter, bitter, and unfair interviews I gave to my partner. He throws up the fact that I do not have a family and he has and loves her and he is a good theater. No one wondered where it would be today if I did not start working for me. From what happens to her, I should not ask this question.

Micha concerts are living their private life, and today this is through professional life.

"The best medicine for a successful relationship is BET"

We did not have to wait for Figurskis to refer to what we find in Wojewdzka's autobiography. Although it uses less poisonous language – it's hard to get rid of the impression that arrogant relationships – without it, probably none of them would have spent so much time, energy and energy on poetic struggle and summary for years spent working and playing with sentences repeatedly zoneymi . Figurskis decides to solve refined peace, which will no longer be where he died in the speech. You can still feel that there are still emotions between journalists …

According to the definition: autobiography is a literary work whose subject matter is the life of the author himself. What is autobiography, we know, and it certainly is not a social chronology. However, I understand that sometimes the poor basic content and the need to distinguish it with trade obligations justify a departure from formal rules and regulations. The gravity of the day is the role and role of the events and the persons described in it, and therefore the immense acceptance of this work by the author will bless my humble human leaves, which undoubtedly makes me at least perceive what is being done.

I believe that the procedure for measuring my size with little else is well known to me and does not impede me, although I find it mediocre and worth more than colored home-made magazines, not multi-page publishing, but the so-called licentia poetica: Who will authorize the author?

(…) Discover it once and for all, pro publico bono, so that we no longer have to worry about our affairs, and we think of our possible reprisals over and over again.

(…) I always prefer friends from sycophants, but I do not consider the taste so disappointing when visiting my house. I'm sorry to bring you to the living room where the books are not suitable for wall paintings, because I always think that they are for reading, not for showing and quoting – so small that we have filled with the lexical nonsense that we have a lot. Dining room – no libraries, apartment – no apartment, cars – no anger, women – no lacunae, no money – no bag from shark, robot – no career, radio morning – an indirect political mission, common interests, not megalomania. Each of us adorns ourselves in our own world, but we have also created the whole model of these other pairs and created it the opposite – our toxic relationship, seemingly successful, because we raised together offspring, dear descendants of whom we have different hopes. (…) In order for us to last longer with each other, because it was really great and it was really worth it, but in the old rule that the best grass for the successful relationship is HEARD, it was able to blow everything out successfully.

"Would you be desperate, hopelessly miserable"

In his response to Wojewdzki (and many observers), Micha Figurski decides to rely on most of the allegations. He will give us the "other side of the coin". However, following these allegations, the question that each reader has to answer for themselves is whether the discussion makes sense? The journalist generally confirms that he is also working on autobiography, but plans to address it in accordance with the definition and adherence of the beneficiaries so that they do not give them another social chronicle.

You probably remember that tonight, when I visited you, radoners were thrown around the city at the end of the meeting. It's a pity that these years are flying, and we are still playing the same games, just a breeze, because it's not sycha. Today you wrote about the fall of my life, but there is nothing to suggest that this work is more unfair than the person oriented toward you, in which I still get my progress in my personal and professional life. I only hope for all my naivety that none of us will ever face our common success … because, as Dudek says, "be a hopeless man with hope, hopelessly miserable".

P.S. In the end, I will add that, as your envious of you and who, as always, repeats itself, has died a little over the years, I started an autobiography in which I described the diseases I have been fighting for years. I'm sorry, but I'm compelled to tell you that, despite all my great sabotage, compassion and mood, you will not find it with the letter "W" or even under "CH".

And the promised quote: "Friend, the gods can look at you with concern, and Junona continues to not see your anxiety. Let your slave edge say and sleep / … / hard and calm."

You can find Micha Figurskis HERE.

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