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Champions League: Second PGE Skra Bełchatów defeat. Greenyard Maaseik is again more effective

PGE Skra Bełchatów came out of trouble to finally lose the link with Greenyard Maaseik. This is the second Polish team defeat in this Champions League edition.

Dominika Pawlik

Dominika Pawlik

/ Piotr Polak
/ Photo: PGE Skra Bełchatów volleyball players

PGE Skra Bełchatów has not yet faced all the health problems, although she has had more time to train and take orders to order, thanks to her not playing in the final cup of the Polish Cup.

The last time the Bełchatów population was very good, it was mainly due to injuries. The loss of PlusLiga and the severe defeat of Maaseika, where the Belgians determined very difficult conditions, made them nervous.

PGE Skra was interested in remake, especially in front of her own audience, but Roberto Piazza was not yet available to all volleyball players except that the composition was still David Fiel.

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The beginning of the meeting revealed all the problems of the owners. Renee Teppan's attack on the party was a perfect summary of the team's shortcomings. The party was also unfavorable, Jolan Cock's game caused great problems for the inhabitants of Bełchatów, and Greenyard Maaseik began to leave.

At the moment when the center was working well and Grzegorz Łomacz was not always able to use it, the Belgian people reached the first party. There seemed to be little change after the side shift. Greenyard Maaseik quickly jumped as Jelte Maan from the games, and the advantage of the guests increased to five points. It was hard to think of success if PGE Skra has not yet issued the relevant services.

However, it was enough to start the service, play more with the middle and after the sprint on the Jakub Kochanowski network, the hosts flattened. From now on, the game took place by point and was an advantage. Two hosts wasted their time spoiling the service, so they competed. 2:27 PM, Milad Ebadipour operated ace and it all started from the beginning.

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Piotr Orczyk was well-off in the field, changing Arthur Salpuk, who has not yet reached the shape after the injury. Joel Bank's payments were wrong in helping his opponents. Bełchatowianie peacefully reached the set, leading the whole meeting.

The Belgians, however, did not stop their weapons, they did not allow themselves to be disturbed for a while, but they could not build themselves as an advantage. The residents of Bełchatów were unable to follow, they dealt two mistakes that led to a tie break. In this part of the meeting, Maaseik volleyball players turned out to be better, again winning the Polish champions.

PGE Skra Bełchatów – Greenyard Maaseik 2: 3 (16:25, 29:27, 25:16, 21:25, 12:15)

PGE Skra: Lomacz, Ebadipour, Kochanowski, Teppan, Salpuk, Kłos, Piechocki (Libero) and Katić, Droszyński, Orczyk, Wlazły

Massage: Cox, Tammemaa, Maan, Blankenau, Baetens, Grozdanow, Dronkers (Libero) and Van Heyste, Peeters, Wójcik


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