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Bennu's asteroid hit Earth. NASA has an excellent plan to avoid disaster. It does not require the use of nuclear weapons.


Asteroid Bennu NASA has a new plan


The computer has set the probable date for the end of the world. It's still this age!

Defying our planet is to prevent NASA from sending space ship with nuclear energy costswhat would be neutralizes Benn's asteroid.

However, this involves too much risk. The probability of flourishing fragile fragments on Earth and the resulting losses led the National Aeronautics and Space Agency to change their plans.



New concept you will not need to use it not a weapon. Bypassing the asteroid would help Benn sending a satellite that colors the cosmic arm. A special color will be used heat change, and they could change the route to Benn Flight.

Although the idea sounds like cosmic and causes associations with sci-fi movies, it seems that this is the best solution for now.

Asteroid Bennu What does NASA say about the object?

the existence of Benn's Asteroids was discovered 1999. This is a cosmic stone, exactly that asteroid, 500 m in diameter, and its weight is 77 billion tons. According to the calculations of the American Space Agency probability of a blow to the earth with asteroid Bennus and 1 2700.


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the title Bennu it is a reference to the holy bird of Egypt's mythology associated with Atum, Ra, and Ozeri. It was awarded in a competition that was announced before the scheduled mission of 8 September 2016 OSIRIS-rex. The flight duration is 4 years and its effect is to provide soil samples from Benn on Earth.

What does NASA say about asteroids?

  • Bens's asteroid, called Sun's link, takes 436 days
  • Each rim brings it 300 000 kilometers to the Earth
  • Earth is located on the asteroid route collision belt

Bennu's Asteroid and the End of the World? NASA plan

The challenge posed by NASA is the threat of Benster's asteroid and its effects on Earth's 25th September 2530. The space agency has decided to prepare emergency plan if Ben affects the Earth.



The plan is named Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response, in short HAMMER. NASA works with it National Nuclear Safety Agency. Its assumption is the destruction of Bennus using atomic energy. For this purpose he will be sent to an asteroid spaceship, weighing about 9 tons, which would change its flight path. If this were not possible, the vessel would use nuclear taxes for this purpose.

What can cause Ben to reach Earth?

According to estimates by NASA scientists, the influence of Benn on Earth's energy 1450 megaton TNT. It would cause a call powerful blowbackcombined with thermal radiation and seismic shocks.

If Bennu gets into one of the oceans, then the Earth is at stake a powerful tsunamithat nobody can survive.

However, the person still has 117 years to prepare for this incident.

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