Tuesday , June 22 2021

Beata Tadla introduced a new partner. Thanks to him "everything in the king"

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For several weeks it is known that Beata Tadla is a young guy. A confused journalist told her she had a choice!

Several weeks Beata Tadla she looked much happier. The journalist closed the section in favor of what was called "Jaroslaw Kret"The smile on the face and the relationship to the instagram showed that a new chapter has started … And really! Beata Tadla is a young boy!

Beata Tadla introduced the young woman

Instagram appeared another photo Beata Tadla beams on the border. The journalist "all sorry" finally decided to discover the relationship. Beata Tadla introduced her fan to a new partner! It's just … she marked their instagram!

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What is Beata Tadla's new partner?

New Beat Tadl's Beloved is a businessman, quite popular instagram. At first glance you can see that it fits perfectly in Beata Tadla. He is also interested in traveling, fitness and nature.

We wish you happiness!

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