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Attack on the President of Gdansk. The murder and the arrest of the attacker


On Sunday, Gdańsk President Paweł Adamowicz attacked with a knife on the WSH stage in the evening with light in the sky. He was revived, he was hospitalized, he died on Monday. Striker is a 27-year-old resident of Gdansk. He heard the accusation of murder. In the evening, the court decided to suspend the suspect temporarily.


The moment of attack on President Adamowicz

Video: Dariusz / Contacts 24 The moment of attack on President Adamowicz

Before Monday 15 Health Minister Łukasz Szumowski informed that Gdańsk President Paweł Adamowicz died in hospital. On Sunday evening, Adamowicz attacked the knife at the Gdańsk scene, when the light of Christmas's Great Orchestra was in the sky.

As the media reported on Monday, Gdańsk District Prosecutor Grażyna Wawryniuk, who was detained after the attack, Stefan W. heard a charge of murder with the intention of direct motivation deserving special condemnation – initially an accusation of attempted murder. – This is very tragic information (about the death of the president – ed.). So the situation is changing and there is a need to change the complaint – said Wawryniuk.

An hour ago, 17 also informed us that an application for detention of the suspect had been sent within three months. In the evening, the Gdansk court agreed and decided that Stefan Ws was temporarily arrested – Wawryniuk.

– The man explained. He's not to blame for the charge, ”the prosecutor said. The attacker is threatening a life sentence.

– He did not recognize the deeds of guilt. He provided extensive explanations, although more with reference to his life history than the events of yesterday, Damian Konieczny, defender of Stefan W. told. He had responded calmly to information about the death of the president. – The contact person with the suspect is currently quite complicated – he added.


The attacker who attacked the President of Gdansk was arrested

Video: tvn24 The attacker who attacked the President of Gdansk was arrested

The offender was stopped

According to police spokesman Karina Kamińska, the attacker is a 27-year-old resident of Gdansk.

"The man was punished, he was registered as a crime against life and health, among other things about robbery," Kaminska said.

– He's always talking about his hate for a civilian platform. He believes he was wrongly sent to prison while the PO and PSL coalition rule – he was interviewed by a police officer in an interview with asking for anonymity.

As we agreed, the man heard a verdict in May 2014. The Gdańsk Court sentenced him to five years and six months in prison. It was a penalty for four bank robberies: three credit unions and Credit Agricole.

After the last robbery, officials managed to recover only part of the loot. The second person spent his life traveling abroad, casinos, restaurants.

Gazeta Wyborcza's local publisher, who watched the court, described it as "Stefan W. admitted, but he never regretted and did not apologize." He did not want to give explanations to the court. he wanted to get the money he could not earn "(he was dependent on the family, he had four brothers and sisters), and he also explained that he had learned from the movies how he should be treated as robbery."

When the journalist learned, Robert Zieliński, Stefan W., left prison in December 2018 after the sentence was completed. While in prison, he used specialist psychiatric care.


Stefan W. was arrested in 2013 for bank robbery

Video: tvn24 Stefan W. was arrested in 2013 for bank robbery

According to, policemen are convinced that Stefan W. has been preparing for an attack on the President of Gdansk for a long time. He had a means of "media" badge that allowed him to approach the stage and even get into it.

– We don't yet know if he stole it, or introduced himself to a journalist and got accreditation. All this can be explained by careful investigation – we heard in the police headquarters. An important element of the investigation carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor's office will also be the activity of the security company that provided the event.

According to Karin Kamiński, the police only provided space around the event Plac Węglowy.

– Police officers on the ground appeared very quickly – said Mariusz Ciarka, an inspector earlier in a television interview with TVN24.

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