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ATP World Tour Final: Like an Unmatched Wall. Novak Djokovich at the Seventh Master's Degree


Novak Djokovich was promoted to the 2018 ATP World Tour destination in the London Hall. In the semi-final Saturday, Serbs beat Kevin Anderson in two groups.

Marcin Motyka

Marcin Motyka

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During the first phase of the 2018 UEFA World Cup, Novak Djokovic behaved like a storm. He won three games in Group A without losing a set or a service. The semi-finals in Serbs are hit by Kevin Anderson, who won second place in Group B with two victories and one win.

Djokovic from the start of the London Tournament is set to face the opponents as an unbeatable wall. And he was like this Saturday. Anderson, although he did everything he could, could not resist his opponent. Serbian services did not work, and the exchange was most often completed with Afrikaner's mistakes.

The Serbs quickly pointed out who is going to court this evening and has already broke the opening game. In the seventh place, after Anderson's next missed break, he again took a pass from his rivals and took the lead at 5: 2. After a while, he was croaking for the first time.

The second party had an identical direction. Again, Jokovic started with a 2-0 defeat and lead. Again he also recorded the second break in his account, this time 4: 1. And this edition also ended with a Belgrade triumph 6: 2.

The game lasted for one hour and one quarter. At that time, Djokovich served six aces, he won 82% on his own application. they did not have to defend themselves against violations, used four of nine break points, sent 18 closing games, generated 14 unexpected errors and gained 62 points in total, 25 more than their competitors. In turn, Anderson recorded four ayes, 12 wins and 27 his own mistakes.

Djokovic will be the seventh appearance of the ATP World Tour finale. Serbia won this tournament in 2008 and 2012-15. In the season, and in 2016 lost a decisive meeting with Andy Murray.

In the final of this year's edition, Jokovich will face Aleksander Zverev on Sunday (no earlier than 19:00 GMT). He competed in the German group stage and then won 6: 4, 6: 1. The overall balance of these tennis players in Belgrade is 2-1.

Final ATP World Tour, London (United Kingdom)
Tourism Championship, solid grass hall, prize fund is $ 8 million
Saturday November 17

semifinals singles:

Novak Djokovich (Serbia, 1) – Kevin Anderson (South Africa, 4) 6: 2, 6: 2

ATP World Final Finals Results and Tables

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