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Another American Express drama: "I'm unlucky, every girl knows what that means"

Other drama

Until the end of the third week of the Star Trek program Asia Express, renamed this time America Express. three episodes remain. Only eight players fight for victory: Maciej Musiałowski no Anna Maļis. Alexander and Dawid Domańscy. Tomasz Karolak no Jakub Urbański and Pamela Stefanowicz no Mateusz Janusz. One of the pairs on Wednesday is episode she got immunity and automatic promotion to the finals.

Initially, participants had to give give away some winnings to this amulet, which were subsequently placed in boxes and buried on the beach. Each pair had to choose a chest with which he could move. Domansci, who has benefited the most so far they have not got any amuletsbut they were able to intercept others.

The Cuba and Tomek chest are pretty worthwhile – But David quickly realized Mateusz beat him.

I do not want to be dirty again – Malia complained. I'll just put fresh clothes out I do not want to break in this sand.

Anya but I am emesis right away – Maciej complained.

It's a fluff and dig it away Anya commanded him. Someone in the hell I said I'll give it to you!

They have already been excavated? – Karolak was interested in sitting on the sand completely without motifs, which could be understood in the end, because with Jacob they got into the chest of Domensky, which is probably empty.

Yes, everyone is gone – tired Urbański.

It was a stressful situation I have to smoke – said Karolak in the previous episode he complained that he fell in love with addiction.

He and Cuba had been lucky enough to transport caught, like Fit Loversom, who was able to hunt for quick help about the signal she made through the city. Thanks to that, they were the first to get into the control section. Domanski stuck on the road so effectively the manufacturers had to send the transport after them in order not to shake the episode.

At the same time, the other three pairs joined the battle for boat amulets, read symbols on the edge, breaking codes and running.

I do not move from here without my glasses – stated Urbański. I can not even see where our boat is without them …

Sorry, can any glasses be arranged? she called Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak technical team. Our little older members like jars of the best sails …

Malysh traditionally decided to bend the rules, rowing fraud and exchanging a shout with Macko.

I'll take you back! – Agnieszka finally threatened.

Let us win! – Anya called Karolak, who I thought he suspects that she has a weakness.

Look at her Usually she got foam on her face Tomasz commented abusively. They got our billsbut less, we just wanted to give our amulets, and we did it.

actors they spent the night in tents in tents.

I do not even remember if I once lay in the tent in the wilderness – Pamela admitted. Well, maybe on the balcony … A tent was installed in the balcony …

Tom, do you know anything about the stars? – asked Maly. I always dreamed that the boy would take me on a date and talk about the stars …

I know everything about the Polish stars … And if they turn off the cameras, I'll show you the Southern Cross Karolack promised.

But I had a dream – said Domańska the next morning I dream of me they are forced to take part in "Dancing with the Stars". But that's fine, you know they threatened me with death …

And after all, you do not show me that the intersection of the north … – complained Tomasz Ania.

The next task was to overcome the desert, and Urbański marked the course.

The most important thing is that we do not go too far apart – he ordered. And that we would have water supply, but some of them ended up …

Who has the string? – Alexander was powerless. Someone has solved a series of me. Immediately give me a series, wait for people, what pace!

the egg he really needs to work for himself – commented on the camera Urbański. She once said she lacks a problem, and maybe she sometimes has to go with them … In any case: ANYTHING!

I felt a little sorry for him everyone leaves him alone, including David, because it's so emotional – commented Karolak, who decided to take care of Ola. I stay with him to find my rhythm, it's a very individual thing.

Tom just looks like a bear – found Pamela. And there are few mice inside …

Upon reaching the highway, Pamela and Mateusz were the first who, thanks to local police help, got Nazca's transport.

I am not satisfied today – Pamela admitted. All girls understand what that means …

At the same time Domańscy was again captured and Ola Traditionally she began to rummage.

You just are me and you're out David finally became nervous.

At Nazca airport, all across the board boarded the aircraft and flew to watch the lines creating images of animals and geometric shapes, but only on condition that they were viewed from the point of view of the bird's eye. After returning, they had to show the position of the individual drawings on the maps. Karolak, of course, could not refrain from flirting.

I kissed all the ladies in my arms – he came in the car. We still have 27 kilometers. We come, they must be there …
And Fit Lovers – Urbanski added funny.

And they were out. Immunity, a trip to Machu Picchu and an upgrade to the last episode they won Pamela and Mateusz.

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