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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt CHOOSE CHILDREN IN THE COURT. The hearing takes place in December


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt CHOOSE CHILDREN IN THE COURT. The hearing takes place in December

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts For years, they were the tallest in the world of exhibition industry. After 10 years of life, both spouses announced divorce two years after the wedding. Although the question of breaking the breakdown went completely smooth, the childcare department has a lot of complexity.

From the start, Angelina wanted to take her ex-husband's rights to her parents. Her decision was based on Brad's addiction to alcohol and drugs. Negotiations with a lawyer Jolie also mentioned the violence of her former partner against her children. At first instance, the court disagreed with the acts of the actress, arguing that the role of the father was essential for the upbringing of children. Since then, the actor has met with children in the presence of a forensic psychologist.

Angelina does not stop accusing her ex-husband. The American press reports a woman trying to separate her children from her father He also accuses him of non-payment of maintenance.

Reminder: Angelina Jolie makes it difficult for Brad to work with children: "She separated the wall between them.

As he says Daily Mail On December 4, a hearing will be held, during which all doubts about the care of six children will be dispersed. In addition, the court also decides on the distribution of property between former spouses. From the information provided by the American media, it can be concluded that former partners will argue with the strongest arguments against themselves to bring themselves to justice. Brad wants to differentiate half a million childcare, unlike Angelina, who wants to fully control his children. As the portal informs TMZ Former spouses spent the past weeks only talking to lawyers and developing the most effective tactics.

The only question is whether Angelina and Brad did not forget about the happiness of their children during the whole war.

How do you think children are excused for revenge?

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