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an amazing question about half a million zlotys! Your grandmothers know the answer

"Millionaires" is one of the best-known TVN TVs, which for years has caused huge emotions. Everyone looks closely fight participants with questions and fight for strong money. In the last episode, however, an amazing question was asked about half a million PLN, for which every grandmother would know the answer.

"millionaires"Is there a very enjoyable format that has made Poles love the emotions attached to guessing along with participants in the answers to the questions put to the million over the years of broadcasting. only a few of them did it in the TVN studio.

The "Milionerzy" program, organized by Hubert Urbański, is a charismatic and professional staff that often complicates the participants and, with stress, even the answer to the simplest question poses many problems. This time, the question of half a million zlotys was extremely surprising, although each of our grandmothers would have answered.

An amazing question for the millionaire program

Recently, the TVN hit game has created a lot of concern for the audience. There were voices suggesting that the show became stranger and stranger issues that are no longer based on the participants' knowledge, and began to explore the world of gossip and show business. Many people were not satisfied with this, but this time the problem was the one that perfectly fits the old formula of the program.

The participant managed to reach half a million zlotys when he heard: "What grains with the eagles in the crown do we pour in the pot with the fall?" From the first second it was clear that Hubert Urbański had won a participant who did not know the correct answer. After all, he decided to call his friend, but she couldn't help. Finally, a dramatic decision was made to resign and take home a check for 250,000 gold.



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Every grandmother would know the answer

The issue may seem seemingly complex and complicated, but the answers offered explain the situation a little. You could choose beans, lentils, peas and beans. Now the situation would definitely be clear to our grandmothers who spent years cultivating pod crops, which had previously been the basis for a large part of society in the diet.

The correct answer was, of course, the beans, and the path to the solution was the seed of these plants. As explained by Hubert Urbański, who has gathered in the studio at the end, each of them has a red spot on his abdomen, which is especially reminiscent of an eagle bird crown. With this characteristic mark in the nineteenth century, beans were a kind of symbol for opponents.


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