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Agnieszka Radwańska has finished her career. 13 years to remember

Agnieszka Radwańska 13 years of professional career. The tennis player said enough on November 14, 2018. Perhaps one of the best players in Poland remained, if not the best.

"Her biggest career is her greatest success. The fact that she was so regular has so long been at the forefront. She was the Polish sports figure around the world, along with Robert Lewandowski and Robert Kubica. And, of course, the Wimbledon final and winning the WTA championships, said Wojciech Fibak, who until Radwańska was the only player from Wilson who was included in the ten tennis players category.

It is difficult to compare the age, also in sports. Before World War II, it was Jadviga Jędrzejowska, who appeared at the three Grand Slam finals, and even won in two parts.

Radwańska got only once. In 2012, she lost the Wimbledon final with American woman Seren Williams. At that time it seemed that Polka would reach the goal one day or win a grand slam party.

The most striking thing about this paradoxical event was the year later, when the Wimbledon semifinals finished Pale German German Sabine Lisicki, losing third season at 7: 9. Tired of completing Lisickis' final beat of French Marion Bartoli, for which he was the only Grand Slam tournament winner …

In the Polish hall semi-final, Polka also stopped in 2015. To "four" – twice – in 2014, and two years later – she came to Australia's discovery. Only one time – in 2013 – rose to Roland Garros quarterfinals and never succeeded in the US Open. In New York, she won five times in the 1/8 finals.

Radwańska most liked the hall, but won only one tournament – Eastbourne, in 2008. In total she won 20 events from the WTA series. Most of the 17, solid courtyards and twice "meals".

The winner of the WTA 2015 Championship won the biggest success. Radwańska used the benefits of a group system in Singapore. Polka left his group with only one victory in three games, then in the semi-finals of the Spanish Garbine Muguruza, and in the final Czech Petra Kvitova. In both cases after three hundred meetings.

Radwańska's greatest achievements include wins in Beijing (even two – 2011 and 2016) and Miami (2012), where she won the Maria Sarapov final.

However, in decisive matches in Montreal in 2014, she won the American woman Venus Williams. Venus is Senior Sister of Seren. And the last one is the only tennis player Radwańska who has never been defeated in the WTA cycle (balance 0-10). Polka had some rivals with whom she played very hard. This is mainly Russian women – mentioned by Sharapova (2-13) and Svetlana Kuznetsova (4-14), Belarussian Wiktoria Azarenka (5-13), or friend Caroline Wozniacki (6-11), Danish from Polish origin.

Another goal, which Radwanska did not implement, was the first place in the WTA rankings. As for Jędrzejowska, you can not apply it because it was introduced only in 1975.

Najej Radwańska managed to reach the second position in this contradiction, and overall the second rocket in the world was 13 weeks. It took its first place on July 9, 2012, and the last listing of the WTA list in which it occupied this position was published on May 2, 2016. In the last two weakest seasons, his place was systematically deteriorating. After completing his career, he is 75th.

Radwańska very often praised a sophisticated, smart and enjoyable game. Playing the month and playing the year, won the prize again among supporters. In the latter case, she won five consecutive times (Years 2013 to 17). Six times, in turn, she became a favorite audience (2011-16). Rywalki and the experts praised their strikes and called them "La profesorsessa", "Magic" and "Ninja".

For many years she played for the national team in the Federation Cup and in 2014 he contributed significantly to the historic promotion of Biało-Czerwonych in the World Group. The following year she won the Hopman Cup, an unofficial mixed champion champion with Jerzy Janowicz, and Poland won the US final. Agnieszka even won with Seren Williams in the game of singles.

Radwańska also spoke in three Olympic games. The only one went second in the second round – 2008 in Beijing. London, four years later, although the Olympic Tournament was played at Wimbledon Court Courts, but in 2016 in Rio, he had already stumbled at the first obstacle.

Following the announcement of her career late Wednesday, the tennis world was promptly responding.

Wozniacki, a former world leader, created a footage in which she directly approached Agnieszka.

"First of all, I want to congratulate you on your unbelievable career, I will taste you, you're a great person in court and with it, you always act with respect and grace. You have represented the WTA Tour in the best way, I look forward to seeing you, who is waiting for you in the next chapter. Of course, it will be fantastic, "she said.

Another was the Radwanian contender British Heather Watson, she wrote: "Your playing style was always good, it was less pleasure to play against him, you made it very easy for everyone who wants to put videos with the most interesting games."

France's Alize Cornet, who lost to Poland for seven out of nine duels in the WTA Tour series, commented: "I am displeased watching our game and our epic games. I congratulate you on an incredible career and wish you the best in your second life."

Former Australian tennis player Renna Stubbs, Grand Slam doubles the four-time winner of the tournament and now a commentator, wrote: "I enjoyed the moment after mourning after taking one of the best tennis players in a history, I liked playing against you, but I enjoyed watching and commenting on you even more. You really were my favorite player who commented, no one gave more brilliance and entertainment. "

Another was WTA Czeslaw ranking manager Karolina Pliszkova, who won only one of eight games with Poland, she admitted: "You've always been my most difficult opponent, I wish you all the best."

Steve Simon, on behalf of the WTA, said on the organization's official website, "Agnieszka is the embodiment of true champion-building values." She introduced the world-class level and impressed with athletics, with the exception of what she differed with self-examination, professionalism and other players' support. traces of this body of the world. We will let it go. "

Radvańska was born on March 6, 1989 in Krakow. For many years she studied at Robert's father. He taught him the basics of tennis and led his career for almost 17 years. Krakowianka competed successfully in junior competitions with success. She triumphed in this age category at Wimbledon (2005) and Roland Garros (2006). Initially, it was not easy, as Polka explained in the book "I'm Isis", which was published last year in a book interview. He owes much to his grandfather, Vladislav, a former Cracovia hockey player who funded both the career of Agnieszka and her sister Urszul. Ryszard Krauze and his PZT Prokom Team program was an important element in the entrance to the senior fight.

Agnieszka started his professional career in April 2005 and won the first WTA tournament in Stockholm in 2007. In the years to come, success has been achieved, and new player training staff has grown. In 2011, he joined him, including Tomasz Wiktorowski, who initially only helped the tennis father. After some time, the media recorded an even stronger relationship between fathers and daughters in training and competitions, and Radwańska completed her professional co-operation with her parents.

For many years she has been working with Wiktorowski, Dawid Celt, who was her lagging partner, and on July 22, 2017, she became husband and physiotherapist Krzysztof Guzowski and Jason Israelsohn. In 2015, she also briefly collaborated with the famous Martin Navratilov. The reason for the release was the over-rigid representation of an American woman of Czech origin. However, the press recommended that women could not meet.

Radwańska won the last tournament in October 2016 – mentioned Beijing. In the final she was only once in January 2017 in Sydney, but she came to the British woman Johanna Konsi.

Judicial achievements were reflected in profit. According to the WTA organization, Polka has enriched nearly $ 28 million, which is ranked seventh in all.

The main reason for terminating Radwanska's career was health problems.

Nine years ago, a tennis player from Krakow was subjected to a manual operation, and a year later – the left leg. Later, he was shown for a long time as a player, who was the only one from the top, in order not to have a longer break associated with serious health problems. The situation has changed in recent years. In 2017, she often struggled with viral infections as well as with her right leg problems. Last season she had the aforementioned foot and growing tiredness.

Radwanska played his last game in mid-September in Seoul, having dropped out in the second round after defeat with Romania, Irena-Camelia Begu.

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