Saturday , June 10 2023

Agata Biernat gave Miss Polonia the crown Milena Sadowska. She only told us what she thought about her


Agata Biernat on Saturday got Miss Polonia crown, 19-year-old Milena Sadowska. As she noted in an interview with, Babice was her adolescent, who from the beginning was her favorite contest.

In fact, this is a girl who, in my opinion, has already turned out to be a favorite at a training camp. I came to the girls twice and then I saw him.


Biernat admitted that Miss's title changed his life upside down.

In fact, the car was moved when I got the crown, and the next morning I had to go to the TV and everything started to start right. It was a very, very intense year. I think I will not forget it until the end of my life.

Immediately after the Mis Polonia 2018 competition, Agata Biernat flew to China, where she will represent Poland at the Miss World election. She talked about it and some other things in a conversation with Tenzin. You can find out more by watching our video.


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