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A monument to Ignac Daszyński was discovered in Warsaw


On November 11th, a monument to Ignaca Daszyński – Independence Activist, Prime Minister in November 1918, to the People's Government of the Republic of Poland, and chairman of the Sejm from 1928 to the 30th year was discovered in Warsaw on the 11th of November in Warsaw.

Remembrance of President Lecha Kaczyński was opened on the eve of the 100th anniversary of independence

Warsaw's Garrison Command Headquarters near the capital's pl. The monument to President Leah Kaczyński was opened at Pilsudski. They attended the ceremony …

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The ceremony was attended by representatives of various political groups. Among other things, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Culture and National Heritage Piotr Gliński, Vice-President of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz (PO), former President Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Head of OPZZ Jan Guz.

"Together with those who gathered at this ceremony and all those whose legacy of Polish independence is dear, I bow my head to Ignac Daszynski's patriotic merit," wrote President Andrzej Duda in a letter to the organizers and participants of the ceremony. The letter was read by Deputy State Secretary Wojciech Kolarski, the State Chancellery.

"I am delighted that his monument is now in a prestigious capital city, near Marsala Josef Piłsudskim, Ignat Jan Paderewska, Roman Dmowski and Wincenty Witos Monuments. So far, this memory is lacking in order to honor all the major freedoms 100 years ago and all the trends of independence , "added the president. He also pointed out that "thinking within the community (…) is a great source of inspiration today."

Deputy Prime Minister Glinski emphasized that Dašinskis was the representative of the Polish left ideal; he expressed satisfaction that at last you can honor this character as he deserves. – Ignatius Daszyński was in this beautiful legend of Poland on "Glass Houses", PPS, a representative of the preschool thinking about the left ideals together with democracy and the independence of Poland – he said.

Warsaw Bródno Cemetery – an important place for the Poles

One of the largest graves in Europe, where more than 1.2 million people are buried. The famous Poles here are buried.

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He also said that Daszyński was "a great symbol today". – As it is the number that connects – in the atmosphere of tension we are experiencing now, he stressed. Glinsky estimated that "in every civilized historical narrative there is always room for independence and democracy to the left."

President Aleksander Kwaśniewski praised Daszyński – as he said – the great patriot of Poland and the great left-leaning man of Poland. – Let's be glad that we dedicated this monument to a man who, like the monster Joseph Pilsudski wrote before his death, "did not hesitate to sacrifice himself only by agreeing on different factors," said Kwaśniewski.

The former president called for an agreement on the left, because, as he estimated, "Ignat Daszyński," only one of the left-handers can play the role he thought. " – Left is needed to balance the political system of Poland (…) to defend the interests of workers, the interests of people who did not interfere with independence, as they should have been for the last many years, – said Kwaśniewski.

Ignates Daszyński, vice president of SLD Jerzy Venderlich The chairman of the Ignaca Daszyński monument construction committee called on everyone at the Daszyński Monument to "come to terms with one another," including politicians.

The leader of the Democratic Left Włodzimierz Czarzasty, turning to the left-wing groups, claimed that they had a common task of fighting and defending: Polish history, secular state, European values, social rights, workers' rights, women's rights and the rights of all minorities.
One of the party's leaders, Adrian Zandberg, noted that Poland, a century ago, was born out of controversy over what it should be, and thanks to Daszyński, the Second Republic of Poland, after its inception, was related to democracy. – Ignacim Daszyński was courageous to say this dispute very clearly – Poland will be democratic, Poland will be timely, Poland will be free. And for this courage we owe him the memory, – said Zandberg.

OPZZ leader Jan Guz estimated that the opening of the Daszyński monument is a "big day" for professional movement; he expressed confidence that he would remind the Polish government that "social and social rights can never be stopped".

The author of Ignaca Daszyńska monument is an artist, sculptor, habilitated doctor, prof. Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Jacques Kucaba, PWSZ in Tarnow. The monument is located in the city square between ul. Lech Kaczyński and Aleja Jan Chrystian Szucha.


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