Monday , March 1 2021

The SC confirms Comelec's ruling on the filing of rape crops against the Mayor of the 2016 Reelection and other Manila Bulletin News

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Rey Panaligan

The Supreme Court (OC) on Tuesday approved a Commission decision on elections (Comelec), which was charged with prosecuting 2016 reelectionists in Tampilassan, Zamboanga del Norte, a number of police officers and civilians for violating the rules on the use of threats and the transfer of terrorism and firearms to the elections. at a time.

In a resolution, the SC rejected a petition, which, inter alia, was presented by the police chief. Roldan C. Molate, and then the reelector mayor, Angeles R. Carloto II, decided that Comelec had not abused his discretion in seeking a possible cause for them to be held criminally liable.

Other petitioners in the case were Polz Jasser Rada Fabillar, Alexis M. Bahunsua, Jimmy Q. Panganiban, Jeffrey R. Netividad, Ryan F. Quilaton, Eliaquim M. Taman and Katherine G. Benedicto and Generico R. Jauculan. , Victory R. Gegermosa, Marlou D. Buenaff, Richard B. Halupay, Marlon C. Andes, Pablo Jr Benavides, Rolando G. Parami, Federico M. Rapal, Jr, Sally N. Rey and Bernardita A. Gulagula.

The SC also concluded that the petitioners' statements "are defense issues that can be properly ousted in the full trial."

Following the ruling, the Supervisory Committee approved Comelec Decision No 217 of 21 November 2017. 17-0685 and decision of June 26, 2018; 18-0528-1.

President Briefers pointed out that "in its first resolution, Comelec adopted a recommendation from Comelec's Legal Department, which, among other things, found a possible reason for the petitioners Molate et al. For breaching Section 261 (e) of the Comprehensive Electoral Code, in which any person was classified as an offense using threats, intimidation, terrorism, fraudulent devices or any other forms of coercion, as well as Article 32 ("Who can carry firearms") of Law No 7166 of the Saeima regarding Comelec Decision No. 10015, which contains provisions which are different inter alia, banned the delivery of firearms and other lethal weapons, transportation and transportation during the 2016 elections. "

It also stated that "in the second resolution, Comelec rejected the petitioners' proposals to review."

Referring to the background of the case, the press briefer pointed out:

In the 2016 national and local elections, Alsons G. Chan was a candidate for Tampilza Municipal Land Surveyor Zamboanga Del Norte National Party and his local party, "Alliance for Peace and Progress".

"He ran against one of the petitioners, then the historian mayor, André Carlot II of the Liberal Party.

"Chan argued that the election campaign was shot at his election headquarters and he was arrested for men in the form of fatigue and detained by the provincial office of the PNP (Philippine National Police), which he alleged did not let him out of the campaign during the crucial period of the election."

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