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Written by Argyll Cyrus Geducos

Malacañang again defended President Duterte on his joke about Catholic beliefs, saying that more emphasis should be placed on the Chief Executive's actions and not on his words.

Presidential spokeswoman Salvador Panelo (OPS / MANILA BULLETIN)

Presidential spokeswoman Salvador Panelo

Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo made a statement following the most negative reaction when Duterte joked for the sake of all that day after he issued a statement that Filipinos should emulate saints.

"The President's remarks, as described in the articles, are said to be fraudulent," said Panelo's statement Saturday night.

"The comments of the PRRD should not be seen outside the description of the journalists covering the event, which is a joke and the same does not require an explanation.

The palace official also said that people should put more emphasis on what the president is doing, not about how he is talking, and notes that Duterte visited the parents' grave on the day following the joke.

"Actions should take on more weight than words when someone realizes their true qualities, because the actions are certainly louder than words," said Panelo.

"Last Thursday, the president visited his parents' grave in Davao City, which comes directly from the Isabela survey," he added.

"Immediately before the end of the briefing, the President formulated the inseparable words:" We all have obligations to the dead. Virtually part of the culture, but more, it is very important for us to contribute to our ancestors, "he continued.

Panelo also remarked that in the presidential speech people did not seem to disturb people, and even laughed at their jokes.

"Reporters covering the event and the audience (most not all Catholics) who were told by the statements knew that the president had only a serious picture of the damage caused by Typhoon Rosita and that (as the video clips of television newsaires show that they did not offend what the good bishop and some critical offensive religious statements held against the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, "he said.

Meanwhile, Panelo said that Catholic faith is something that no man's words can touch.

"The power and credibility of religious faith, which has existed for more than two thousand years and has survived wars and robberies, can not influence what some people perceive as non-believers' attacks and their loyalties are not violated by any kind of playful game" He told.

"Christianity, or any major religion that preceded it, always survives the test of time," he added.

On Thursday, Duterte questioned why Catholics were watching All Saints Day when they did not even know who these saints were. He called the saints fools and drunkards.

"All the saints are so happy … Bakit naman … Sabagay is a tasty ****** taloe of the Catholic cousin p .. The Bakit Naman can be all-day trampman of All Saints' Day (Why is this? In any case, these Catholics, why is every day of the soul and every holy day)? "He said.

"Hindi a natin alam kung sino-yang santo on yon. Sino-yung mga g *** na & yo? Mga lasenggo (We do not even know who these saints are, those fools and drunkards, "he added.

Duterte also prayed to put a picture on "Santo Rodrigo" to show their altar so they no longer have to go out.

Duterte's frustration for the Catholic holiday is contrary to All Saints Day and All Souls, Day message where he encourages Catholic beliefs to emulate the saints.

"The Philippines welcome the month of November with an open heart, remembering our saints and our beloved deceased loved ones whose lives have deeply inspired us in faith, hope and love."

"Together, we pray for our saints, pray for the eternal peace of souls, and deepen our commitment to our community, while working for a real and lasting change," he said.

It was not the first time that Duterte had made a remark on the Catholic faith. His most controversial remark was when he called God "stupid" to tempt his creations.

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