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Prince Charles: The 70th birthday and the qualities he will accept as king

On Wednesday, he turns 70 when most of us face retirement, but Prince Charles is still waiting to get started.

Imagine patiently waiting for your whole life as a role that still does not show any sign that you are near you when you should have a carriage clock and a retirement side. In fact, forgetting the departure card, in 2018, you will most likely throw off Becky in human resources at noon. 16:00 friday, a few weeks before christmas.

In fact, the royal family is probably one institution that has left the world in which you still have a lifelong job, mainly because you can not leave it.

But fortunately Charlie, he does not have Beka, who would surely play the minimum wage for him and send a career counselor.

No, Charles can comfortably count his Duchess of Cornwall as long as he likes, until one day, finally, he can change his business card to the king.

I jest; Of course, Charles would not want to give up the great superior, seeing that she is his mother, and he can only get the highest work if she dies (bit harsh) or refuse (less conclusive).

In the documentary film Prince, son and heir: Charles At 70, which came out this week in Britain, director John Bridkath emphasized that Charles was not sitting for long after the king, and he realized that he should stop launching a campaign on topics such as architecture and environmental protection when he was crowned.

media_cameraPrince Charles talked about how he would end his campaign on themes such as environmental protection and architecture. Image: Pius Utomi Ekpei / AP)

"You can not be the same as a sovereign if you are a Welsh prince or heir," Charles said. "But the idea, somehow, that I want to go exactly the same if I have to succeed, is completely absurd, because both – both situations – are completely different."

Charles is the longest heir to British history, who has reached 66 years of age. His closest competitor was Edward VII, who had been waiting for 59 years for Victoria's Queen Victoria and was waiting for 59 years old George IV, who was not only waiting 57 years, but was forced to step as Prince Regents when his father George III went over. And as a Member knows who is leading the show, while their bosses swear about being crazy, sorry for a weird busy, it's hard to stay reddish.

At the very moment when Charles should be ready to go to that, his body should be in pain to slow down. Yes, he has the famous Windsor longevity genes, but even he has a 70-year-old man, he is secretly wanting to sit in the clams, slicing the cheeses.

It's not as if he could resign and go to work as a competing royal family. And he did not even go to work.

No, if he has performance reviews with the queen. "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

"Sitting here, waiting, mother."

I like to think that her Madge KPI dishes with the goal of "improving the client interface", "paradigm shift" and bonus schemes to get a budget.

However, when she asks him what he thinks about his greatest skill, at least he knows the answer: "Patience".

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