Monday , March 8 2021

Philippine Embassy to introduce a new contractual framework for households – ARAB TIMES

"The Embassy may call a sponsor in case of a complaint"

KUWAIT CITY, November 12: The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has launched a new system for recruiting its citizens in the Kuwaiti Inland Sector, Al-Rai Daily writes.

One of the most significant provisions of this contractual system is that the local worker (home) should not care for more than four children.

In the case of more than four babies in the house, the employee should hire another dwelling. The source of information on this system on a daily basis explained that the employer has an obligation to fill in the exact details when demanding local services.

If the wrong information is provided, in particular regarding the number of members of the household, the embassy has the right to withdraw the local worker after it has been proved that the case is true.

Under the new system, the employer must provide a separate room for a home worker who has telephone and internet services to call her. She should be given a rest period every week.

The Embassy should have the right to check the well-being of its citizens operating in the local sector. The source said: "The contract terms stipulate that the employer should agree on a provision allowing the representatives of the Philippine embassy to visit their own nationals in the domestic sector.

Previously, the sponsor (employer) will be asked for a permit for the appropriate time to visit. They should also agree on the provision under which the embassy may summon a sponsor if complaints arise between the two parties. "

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