Tuesday , September 27 2022

Pacquiao speaks Oxford Union for his life


By appointing Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and many other historic staff, Manny Pacquiao will visit the Oxford Union lectern on Monday to talk about his trip from a child of poverty to world champion and senator.

"What could I possibly say about you?" Pacquiao asked those who took part on Monday. "How could Manny Pacquiao say that this could be any impact, much more useful, for men and women who have the highest standards of education in Oxford?"

The answer was quick, "he said." I know what you should talk about, something very little among you can say that knows about: education, of course, unconventional, informal, largely unstructured. I call this my education at the Open University of Life. "

"It's been recorded that traditional formal education has only 12th grade," Pacquiao added. "It was only recently that I got a university degree using an alternative education program. We were dirty poor. I had to work since my age five to help my mother feed my three brothers and sisters. For many days, I had a lucky one full meal.

"At a time when we had no food, I would drink plenty of water just to fill my stomach," recalled the father of five wives, former Sarangani vice president of Jinkee. But my mind and spirit are never hungry. I read everything I could find out. I even read the newspaper that my lunch or dinner was packed. I read signs everywhere, even in moving vehicles. I've learned measurements and weights, constantly reading tariffs and tariffs in warehouses where I work as a stevedore, docker in your language. "

"At night, when I could not sleep in a cold position, I read the labels in cardboard boxes that served as my bed on the pavement, and he continued the clouds of motion, the horizons and the clarity of the stars.

"And it came to me tomorrow. Warm, bright and just amazing – a lesson about what can be achieved if you have decisiveness … if you ignore the contradictions of you … and how you teach here in this great institution never, never give up .. Think about David and Goliath. Look at me. I'm not very big, and I've never had five smooth stones to throw in any obstacles, but determination is a power tool. I win a lot of struggling. "

"I am a fighter, not only because it is my profession. I was a fighter for a long time before I first came to the boxing circle. I have struggled to live for all my life. I struggled every day in my youth for survival. Now I do it I'm doing it and paying for it. Then I was happy to get a piece of bread.

"I believe that I decided to serve as a source of inspiration for the average Philippine to fight, to rise above misery, to conquer and challenge, and to cover life and all its difficulties," he released. "Manny Pacquiao is the best story that every Filipino could tell and retell to all future generations. The story of Manny Pacquiao is incredible, but true."

Initial Report: Manila Times

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