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Other NBA Awards – Ringer

Who needs the MVP Award when you can win the prestigious Most Washed Trophy? Dan Devine named his winner the actual prizes to be awarded for this NBA season; now our full staff make it worthy of prizes should vote:

The best player in the world

The dominant player in today's game.

Justin Verrier: Even when James Harden won MVP last year, we were hesitant to pick up his best player at the top of the conversation. (ESPN ranked 3rd in preseason, Sports illustrated Not. Whether it was his lack of defense, the recent flameout of the player, or perhaps the residual effect that appeared as the youngest CEO of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, it seemed that Harden was standing. Best offensive player? Of course, well. The best player? I, um, I don't know.

However, even if Giannis Antetokpounmpo wins this year's MVP, this regular season should be remembered as the coronation of Harden. Abusive numbers remain foreign – 36.1 points for the game (second only to Michael Jordan over the last 55 years), 13.2 for 3 games (most for history), 40.4 for use (second highest in history). Protection has become credible. The most important thing is that the hero of the thinking person, whom Harden is a pioneer, justified himself in extreme circumstances; surrounded by Guess Who cards due to injuries and Daryl Morey's approach to slow cooking, Harden pulled 32 straight games with 30 points or more and saved the Rockets sinking season.

Still not sure? How about: If Harden is voted No. 1 or 2 MVP this season, as expected, will mark their fourth top finish in the last five years; Steph Curry (Two) is the only player with more than one. Harden has been quiet dominated for half a year; The forces used this season make us give our mutant game properly.

Dan Devine: It seems strange to do it after Giannis Antetokounmpo has earned both MVP and Protective Player, but I go with my gut here: if I need one guy for one player who can do everything and do everything I can to win , I think I first chose Kevin Durant and slept quite comfortably that night.

In the Down season, Durant still has an average of 26.1 points, 6.5 rebounds and a career height of 5.9 for each game that remains one of the most effective athletes and versatile defenders, while proving that it is more capable when needed . Giannis is undeniable. Harden violates the efficiency curve and upwards to a completely new individual offensive excellence. Stephen Curry is still the ultimate sportsman. LeBron James, after all, is still very close to LeBron Jamie. But I don't know that everyone gathers and manages elite skills in the way Durant does it; everything is bigger than the sum of its significant parts, even though we often often forget their application until it is time to name the final MVP.

John Gonzalez: I think it's a trap. The verger reminded the group that last year LeBron James won this downfall. James will, of course, not win the landslide this year. It would be difficult to get a pro-LeBron landslide after he was buried in his own words, failed to dig, and then returned before the end of the season. In these parts, it has become a modern question whether LeBron has entered the post-prime career. And yet, if the question is in the universe, which is the best player in the world, I would like to say that the answer is the same as now. The king was not like in court this season, as he was in the past, but he is still LeBron. There are many outstanding players, and someone who is not named James will rightly win the MVP award. But we are not discussing it. Are we really going to announce that someone else is the best player in the world when James still lives and breathes and (can) play in this world? Like I said, it feels like a trap.

Jonathan Tjarks: Durant. Just because he is not the most valuable player in the league does not mean he is not the best. Durant is one of the most common players in NBA history. There has never been 7 feet that can do as much as he can. I will always love my Texas Longhorn colleague, but you are not as pleased as I do to evaluate his game.

Danny Chau: Steph Curry. So I have a great reception; I've long been a Durant apologist. But we are in the five years of the Warriors Dynasty, and Steph's figures are just as closely aligned with his average figures covering the last five seasons; his awesome efficiency has become white noise. Each season has given rise to obstacles, but Currys has transformed Warriors into the biggest crime in NBA history with its presence. Is the idea of ​​a single player a system for yourself Ever been more suitable for the modern age? His unique abilities have an unprecedented traction of gravity, but not as much as he attracts, but the oxygen he will distribute to his other team. His only competition in history could be Bill Russell; With another championship, Warriors will have won four championships over five years that have not been aligned since Russell Celtics in the 1960s.

Paolo Uggetti: Harden can't win MVP, but his season is the climax of his five-year ascent. Harden 2013-2014 During the MVP voting, five major spot crackers, second season vault second, and after second place finish in 2017 he won the prize in 2018. four out of the last five seasons. I refuse to underestimate its importance, even if some of his recent performances have been on the short side. Of course, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both offer good cases for this title, and Giannis will soon be able to, but Harden has created a modern game right at us; it's time to focus more on this issue and less on lowering his style of play.

Haley O & # 39; Shaughnessy: The strap still belongs to James, but only because there is no obvious successor. He's on the edge. To be the best player in the world, you have to play, and James will skip 27 games at the end of the season. His absence – due to trauma, load management and lost season – does not automatically force him out of the top, but he plays most of the season in energy saving mode (prematurely rises for 3 years, based on protection while watching the game stays upright) raises many questions. James is still a strap because no player case is more convincing than what James has done in his recent history.

Denver Nuggets Against Boston Celtics

Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

The biggest prize

For a player who always did the most this season.

Devine: Kyrie Irving. I've written about why I believe Irving, his influence on the Celtics, and his place in the league battle, which is especially exciting a few times this season. Many of them return to their rocky path to become a leader, his insistence that we stop talking about our future while he constantly feeds this conversation, and his commitment to talk about his experience using phrases like: "My intuitive truth: I am grateful for my time capsule on this Mother Earth. "I would have slept if I said I understood what Kyrie said or tried most of the time; he is, of course, trying to say and do awful lot, however.

O Shaughnessy: Joel Embiid. Most play with four 3 scores, despite taking 30 percent of the clips taken by Embiid. Most make themselves the most unstoppable player in the league that Embiid did. Doing the most, look for a confrontation already holding 14 active, equally heated NBA beef, which Embi will do forever.

Verger: LeBron did less than ever before on the basketball court, but he did lot of in his first season in Los Angeles. Statistically, he was one of the best old guys in history; it was what James did between a career of low 55 games that earned him this honor. One-quarter comment in the second week of December resumed the chain reaction that led to Anthony Davis' sales request and finally stuck in the Pelicans purgator for half a year; New Orleans GM Dell Demps Shooting; widespread alienation between Lakers magazine; slapdash trading where Lakers received a 22-year-old start-up center and the wasted year when James disappeared. And when he posted funny Instagram photos on his individual achievements and was highlighted as Lorne Michaels, the franchise perspective began to look as bleak as the Washed Kobe era and the fan base openly revealed Pine tree on Kobe's Return. Get this money, LeBron… but maybe return to defense.

Gonzalez: I've written and spoken many words about Irving this season, most of them with my tongue tight against my cheek. To me, some of you who pay attention to these things are probably tired of how much I have written and talked about Kyrie. I'm pretty sure that here editors would prefer to write and talk about other things. But I can't help myself. The man opens his mouth – often the damage to the Celtic and the great Boston – and his words get into my ears and my heart is filled with great joy. I'll even smile like an article. In my perfect NBA, every player will have Kyrie, and they will always be forever and forever.

Chau: LeBron. Pretty sure he has so many 2019 media companies that help.

Tjarks: Irving. The only thing you know about Kyrie is that you get a lot of good content. Regardless of whether he interviews media ethics, discusses philosophy or calls his teammates, there is always a virus coming from the Kyrie interview. He never uses the opportunity to save his name.

Ugged: An embryo corresponds to any interpretation of the word "most". In court, he helps to turn Sixers into different talents as a single force that can beat everyone at night. Embiid is doing even more against the court. He shot at Boston Terry Rozier, marking his location at Lametown, posted his dog named after Sam Hinkie; kept it real on Ben Simmons 3-point shots; and made reference to Jimmy Butler's explosion hazard Minnesota. As basketball consumers, we need Embi as much as Sixers.

Skeleton Key Award

The player who unlocked his entire team this season.

Tjarks: Brook Lopez. It may not have been a bigger upgrade across the league than Milwaukee's move from John Henson, Tyler Zeller and Thon Maker to the center on Lopez. Their defense is built around his ability to return to the front edge of the rim and to the wall, and their Giannis central violation is a 3-point shooter to open the color. The history of the NBA may have shifted when Lakers allowed Lopez to go to Bucks rather than a couple with LeBron James.

Chau: Pascal Siakam, who has experienced NBA transformation just like anyone since Paul Millsap went from the rebound fridge to one of the most versatile two-way big players. Raptors knew they were adding their list to Kawhi Leonard; it would not be possible for them to be prepared for a player Siakam who is a springy energy player from the stand last season. Siakam was talking about a training camp, and it quickly got to become Raptors' second best player – no small game when Kyle Lowry could be considered the best player in the history of the franchise. His increase has given Toronto the title of hope for extra confidence, and perhaps another reason why Leonard needs to think long and hard before leaving.

Verger: Lopez is a man behind a unicorn. Good eggs days 20 points at night and All-Star reward has long gone, but Lopez is still quite big and he can now shoot consistently from the range and these two things are exactly what Bucks needs to clear runway Giannis is great . Antetokounmpo would not be a dominant color, for example, in the case of young Shaq, or discourage opponents from entering the other end if he had no Splash Mountain, which enjoys space and attention.

Gonzalez: Kendall Jenner.

Ugged: Siakam has made a leap from intern to board manager in just one season. Toronto saddled his way to nearly 60 victories this season when Siakam lifted the team on both sides of the ball. While Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard missed the match (17 and 21 respectively) due to injury and load control, Siakam played in all but two. It is inconceivable to say that Siakam has been the key in this Toronto season when Siakam scored over 25 points, Raptors 8-2; when he grabs 10 or more rebounds, Raptors is 15-3; and when he is in court, their net rating is minus 3.8 to 10.8.

Devine: Lopez. Bucks doesn't have a four or five-seat scattering dynamo without his transformation into a Splash Mountain, and they're not a league stingiest team at the rim without his elite capability wall at the square around the basket. Antetokounmpo will receive a big award for Milwaukee growth. Also coach Mike Budenholzer could be. But the setting up of the Lopez Buddha went far beyond this season's premiere.

O Shaughnessy: Rudy Gobert. The Goberta-size combination – 7-foot-1 with 7-foot wings and basketball IQ affects court changes. Jerbert is a defender of Utah's superior defense. He knows exactly where and where to go, and then she reaches her. As a criminal offense, Quin Snyder equates Gober with a "valuable left hand" that protects the ball and the ball handler through the screens. Here, too, Goberts is an anchor. The left solution is strict to see the screen before it is torn on a wide receiver on its wheel to the basket, then communicating with the flight. Jerbert leads the dunks and shooting percentage of leaders (67 percent) while taking the fifth biggest shot on Jazz.

Utah Jazz v. Denver Nuggets

Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

Most washed

An active player who clearly exceeds his expiration date.

O Shaughnessy: Isaiah Tom. Tom's quarry is a series of things: if it were to be five feet long? What if the kings had believed in Him? What if the Celtics held him? What if the hip injuries that led Thomas to the last three games of the Eastern European Conference Final were never there? But some failures are irreversible. Earlier, Tom's (literally) flawed him. Hip injuries were different. It emptied the spark and speed that made Thomas so much more than a fun size protection responsibility. Without this zipper he is not playable.

Devine: It's not nice to say to me, but: Pau Gasol. He recorded only 330 minutes of Spurs (during which they were much better off with him) before San Antonio gave up on him, letting him catch Milwaukee, where he immediately suffered ankle injuries who will leave it to time. He can still go to a sweater and grab a protective kick, and he is still one of the smartest players in the sport. But the age, the injuries, and the exhilaration of the depths of the year have taken many wings from Spanish tires; he could soon sing his swan song. (I think it will be Fray.)

Ugged: Dirk Nowitzki. I think I have been rewarding basketball, but I can't think of a more suitable candidate. Dirk doesn't have to retire; he has the right to spend as much time on pasture as he wants. But turn on the Mavs game and it will not take long to notice that Nowitzki is spun in the wash cycle.

Chau: Jose Calderon. While playing a contract with Detroit Piston last summer, NBA's most famous ham mogul has done it for five years.

Gonzalez: There are so many candidates and I love them all. Vince Carter is ours Ringer team-mate. He is also my age. I use my fingers to write words to live, and sometimes they are cramped. I have no idea how he can still dunk. Dirk Nowitzki last year struck the balance with a solemn finger wave. But I go with Dwyane Wade. He got it rocking chair this season his long retirement tour, which wasn't nearly as great as his washing rate as a fact TNT chose the air game between Boston and Washington, not Wade's last home game in Miami. When Wizards (!) Have a better score than your finals, it's time to close your production.

Tjarks: Patrick Patterson. Everyone in the media thought the thunder had a tremendous deal when they signed Patterson, one of the Raptors stand lines, for a three-year $ 16 million contract in the summer of 2017. It turns out that the league knew something we didn't do. Patterson is no longer able to play and is part of a limited stand that prevents OKC throughout the season.

Verger: District Rondo. It says a lot about the Lakers season, where Rondo has been the worst season so far and yet he is one of the few teammates James. Rondo was injured for almost half a season, so perhaps a 33-year-old deserves some benefit from doubt. On the other hand, he is the worst net rating among Lakers' current; ESPN's real plus-minus is one of the worst point guards in the league, behind Isaiah Thomas and Brandon knights; and his protection somehow deteriorated. Indeed, Sheesh.

Scottie Pippen Memorial Second Banana Award

The best no. Option 2 this season.

Gonzalez: All pacers. When Victor Oladipo went down, I waited for Indiana to fall completely. I have no idea what the second best player other than Oladipo Indiana is. It changes from night to night. To make sure the post-Dipo Pacers haven't played nearly as well as with him. They fell into the Eastern Conference talks, and, like five seeds, they would be in the first round without the advantages of a home court. Schedulers did nothing for them – in the second year, Pacers was a late, long and brutal journey that was related to his season, but despite slipping it is still quite impressive that they fought for as long as they did and stayed in the middle of the East Conference Players Package. Pacers is a bunch of bananas.

Verger: Jrue Holiday. The ideal second banana is qualified enough to be the first banana in certain situations, but wants to give up the team. Okay, Holiday spent the first half of the season, putting career advancements across virtually everything and defending opponents with a guard of all defense forces; when Anthony Davis scared away, Holiday united the New Orleans team with the wrong trio of exciting victory, including Lakers, while remaining neutral between Davis and the franchise. Quite stable banana.

Tjarks: Kevin Durant or Steph Curry. It just depends on the night. This question raises the perspective of the whole MVP competition. The only way to get a fair fight against soldiers would be if Harden and Giannis were in the same team.

Chau: Durant – but how long?

Ugged: All Clippers magazine. I don't know what is more impressive: Clippers is going to play games, despite having sold the best player in the last two seasons, or they're doing it without the clearest player to fill the void. The Doc Rivers team has identified their elite skill – no player has an elite, but they all accept it and play their role as best as possible.

O Shaughnessy: Chris Paul. Maybe he came to mind because I associate him with a banana boat, or maybe because he's been playing around for some other superstar who is younger than him. But even in the shadow of James Harden's historic season, Paul is the reason Rockets go from the souped-up version from 2016 to 1717. A thunderstorm for a team that looks more and more likely to face the Golden State. He is the same CP3 that is fast and furious, happy to help but just as good, but his value has risen in a new context; Paul has added an average game to an offense that previously thought it could live without one.

Devine: Is it cheating if I chose the same guy I just assigned to the best player in the world? Just as huge as Durant, he will never get the highest bill in the bay – owned by Stephen Curry, now and forever, amen, but KD makes it close to indestructible no. 2. (And, in general, describe what the NBA has happened in the last three years. Hello, everyone!)

About KD, as with Russell Westbrook? He became no. 2 people with their team thanks to the phenomenon of MVP caliber Paula George and the historically terrible shooting season, however, have rapidly tripled on average in an unprecedented third straight season and can bend the game with their will as little players ever before.

OK good. If we are looking for guys who haven't won MVP before, I voted for Jusuf Nurkic. Dude played his best career ball in Portland this season, appearing as a defensive monster and Damian Lillard's primary driving companion team that blown up his preseason win forecasts on the top-four seed in the West. His devastating leg injuries ended with his season and he may have played Blazer's chances of getting real noise, but he strengthened himself as a fund-raising addition to the franchise.

Year of the year

For the most memorable season.


Every time I think I can keep it together when the recorders are turned on. Every time I'm wrong.


That's what the NBA looks like in 2019.


I have no children, but I am available to tell you that you will be at night when Rondo and Chris Paul squeezed each other out.

O Shaughnessy:

This was done at the time of the worst loss of James's career – 42-point winner Pacers. It is not clear whether history will remember 2018-1919 as a season when Lakers devastated James, or as a season James devastated himself but the season It was devastated. This image perfectly reflects it.


Everything about Dallas and Ringer my vote.


It is better than any time that Wade could claim.

Verger: Pitbull, Play Us At Hell:

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