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Member of the Council, member of BPAT faces the death of murder

The murder complaint was filed on Friday, April 26, at the Bacolod City Provincial Prosecutor's Office against Moise Padilla's re-election council member Negros Occidental and a member of the city's Barangay Peacebuilding Action Group (BPAT) after being marked as suspects on Thursday.

Police Colonel Romeo Baleros, director of Nocppo, in a media interview at the Justice Hall in Bacolod on Friday, said the complaint had been filed against Council member Agustin Nene Grande III and Joe Cezar.

However, the provincial prosecutor's office ordered the Grande to be released on the basis of a resolution stating that "this office considers that the arresting police officers do not have sufficient legal and factual grounds for irresponsible arrest against him".

"Witnesses' assertion that Grande was only considered a conversation with an identified suspect who was directly involved in the crime, in recent cases, before the incident occurred, is just a suspicion that cannot justify irresponsible arrest against him," the resolution said.

Meanwhile, Cezaram, the prosecutor, confirms that he has been irresponsibly arrested, but he chose to use a preliminary investigation.

He was given 10 days to file his claim.

On April 25, President of the Council Jose Antonio Garcia and his uncle Jose Marcelino Garcia, brother of Vice-President Ella Celestina Garcia-Yulo, were killed in the murder of Barangay Inolingan after they had arrived from the campaign. Vicemer was intact.

Baleros said Grande was killed after being killed by the murdered wife of the Vice Mayor, who might have spoken to one of the weapons.

Statement denied by Grande, according to Baleros.

Cesar was killed when he was probably involved in planning an attack when he reported that he had secured an armed group that stayed in the village for a month and left the area when the attack took place, said Baleros.

Baleros said that the BPAT member admitted it to the authorities, but his lawyer did not approve it.

Despite this, five other individuals identified after the killing, and 23 John Will also face the same complaint about the crime, said Baleros.

Most suspects are identified as close associates of Magdalen Peña, and most of them are members of the BPAT who are paid by the municipality.

Earlier, Garcia-Yulo stated in his media interviews that Peña was someone who probably left.

This year she is in the middle and local elections to overcome Peña.

Baleros said they would review the deputy mayor's statement to determine if they could involve the mayor in this case.

Currently he (mayor) cannot be arrested because we have no evidence, added by the provincial police director.

However, he said that the mayor's duty is to hand over and explain his party after he was marked in the incident.

SunStar Bacolod tried to reach Peñu to react, but he didn't reply to our text message.

When asked if the suspect rebels could make the incident, Baleros rejected the reports, claiming that the attack was carried out by private armed groups.

Baleros said they would provide security to the deputy mayor during the campaign until the election day.

When lodging a complaint, Baleros said the case was considered closed.


Meanwhile, the Provincial Joint Security Control Center, which consisted of the Electoral Commission (Comelec), the Philippine Army and the National Police of the Philippines (PNP) yesterday at its conference, advised Comelec en banc to deploy the city under Comelec's control of recent killings. involving city officials.

Provincial Electoral Chief Milagross Salud Villanueva said: "We will have full and direct oversight over local and national agencies in the city, taking into account all responsibilities during election and full control of security personnel."

Villanueva said they had also added the same recommendation to Governor Alfredo Marañon Jr, who went to town a few hours after the incident.

I would like to stress that there is urgency and necessity in this situation, but we have to wait for the Comelec en banc decision before we can make a declaration, she said.

We take it seriously, she said, because on 13 May she assured the electorate about peaceful elections in the province.

Comelec announced Moises Padilla as a distress zone in red after the death of reelectionist council member Jolomar Hilario in the same village on March 31, allegedly performed by the New People's Army (NPA).

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