Do you like Pokemon GO? Do you really love it? If you answered "yes", you may have to rethink your passion for the game when you see how far behind this Taiwanese grandfather is. If we offend that everything is possible, I make it happen that he will do it, and we all just stand here, congratulations.

After his grandson learned of the match, the 70-year-old man went ahead and wove his bike with fifteen smartphones, anchorages, cables and power banks to stay him all night – a total of 4,800 dollars. The setting looks impressive and allows him to catch all the Pokemon that he faces while traveling around the city and satisfying the gaming fans.

I can not even imagine that my parents play Pokemon GO on one phone, and this grandmother here does it on fifteen phones simultaneously, with a setting that is damaging my collection of phone. You do not know that we are all comparable to him in comparison to death. Congratulations, grandpa, you now add the famous Italian grandmother as one of my favorite grandparents ever.