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Five years without a family: survivors of Typhoon Haiyan are still mourning the missing


TACLOBAN, Philippines: "My brothers and sisters are Jeroen Limpiado, James Jay, Jirvins, Apple Joy, Kristiine Mae, Geraldine, Jannica, Janet, April. They are my nine brothers and sisters."

Shyra Limpiado is unstable in her soul and courage because she explains her brothers and sister's words. All of them are dead.

She is quite amazing, Shyra. The 20-year-old is stoic, as many have survived one of the world's most powerful storms, ever recorded, Super Typhoon Haiyan. But, having lost 11 of his family members, including her parents, an additional threshold was set up in one day.

Haijana 2

Shyra Limpiado lost 11 of her family members during Typhoon Haiyan. (Photo: Jack Board)

Shyra was the eldest of her brothers and sisters. She would help take care of them while her father, fisherman and mother, the seller, will work to support the big family.

They were a bad, typical family living on the coast of Kakabat Bay in Takloban.

"Despite the small amount of money, we were happy family members. There were times when we did not have food. Even if my parents are struggling to meet, my brothers and sisters, and I'm still happy because we are perfect," she said. "We rejoiced at our favorite singing song."

Taifun hit five years ago, but Shyra's memory is clear and melancholic for every moment of its impact. She speaks almost poetically about the disaster she spent countless moments remembering and regretting.

"Rain feels like needles on my skin," she said.

"As the wind and rain worsened until 6:00 pm, my whole family was panicked. We walked in each other's arms, and then we saw that our house was washed out into the sea, while our neighbor's house had lost its roof.

"I go to my brothers and sisters. The water goes up and we see that our thing is flying in the ocean.

"My sister and I struggled to hold each other while the young people said we wanted to die. My sister shouted my name when we were getting worse off of each other's Gray. I struggled to keep my head up so that I did not see sea water.

"The last words I heard from my parents were:" Where are you, my children? "It was when we tore up the waves of a house like that. I was separated from my family and I found myself underwater. At that time I was 15 years old, but I did not know how to swim like my other brothers and sisters. I mean that I am in heaven because I saw a bright light while under water. I pray to the Lord not to die, because I wanted to be with my family and finish school.

Super Tafun Haiyan

Shyra does not use her brothers and sisters, and still believes that some of them can return to life. (Photo: Jack Board)

"The view was terrible while we were on the way to elementary school, each body was washed out. I saw the dead bodies hung at the school gate, and I immediately looked for my family, but without results.

"I waited until night, hoping that my parents would appear with their brothers and sisters.

"When I came back later, when my family house was earlier stood, I recognized that my father's body was his wore a shirt and a jacket.I will hold my father's remains in my hand and call. After two weeks, when he was left under the sun, his body had become blown up and his skin was burned. I just recognized my beautiful face.

"Three weeks after I found my father, my brother's brothers asked me to come with them because they had something to show me. I immediately saw my seven-year-old sister, Joy's clothing, from afar. She lay at the beach and the dog was celebrating Her remnants, her eyes and ears disappeared. I regret that she stormed her off when she saw her body. "

House Haiyan damaged

Everything that remains of the former home of the Limpiado family. (Photo: Jack Board)


With such loss and despair, Haiyan scars will disappear slightly in Tacloban. In the city alone, at least 3617 people lost their lives.

Shyra's story is shocking, but it's not the only sad sadness.

After the typhoon and storm burst, chaos and confusion followed, as people struggled to survive, separated from their loved ones, and they remained attached to their full existence.

Amid the ruins of the city, the dead bodies were rushed and moved from one place to another when they began to collapse. Ordinary funeral procedures were impossible.

Graveyard of Haiyan victims

DNA identification has never been completed by thousands of victims of the hard seas. (Photo: Jack Board)

According to local authorities and authorities, most of the bodies were buried in a mass grave, explains Ildebrando Bernadas, Head of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (TCDBMM) in Tacloban.

"Only a meter deep we buried them with plastic sheets beneath. Then we processed them one by one," he said. DNS treatment started at the same time, and samples were taken from each body as well as dead relatives.

Just before Haiyan's first year, known as Yolanda in the Philippines, officials organized the construction of a cemetery on a wooden chair. Takloban residents tried to communicate with their loved ones without knowing where they were sleeping.

"We left the territory, but upon returning, all the intersections were already names. People went there and wrote words. It was very surprising. Every time we stopped a cross, someone would wait to demand it. That was an obstacle to people did not start to recover, did not begin to rehab. They were still worried about where their loved ones were, "said Bernad.

These wooden crosses will eventually be replaced by more permanent stones. But one aspect of the mourning process still does not exist. The DNS process was never completed.

Boat Haiyan damaged

The crazy boat is located on the shores of the Typhoon Haiyan barrel. (Photo: Jack Board)

To this day, people buried in Takloban are unknown. The words on the cross are long gone. And unnecessary alternative burial grounds can be made.

"Where are the results? The national government, despite many further actions, will always say" not yet. "I do not know what really happened," Bernadette said.

"If at any given time a sample of DNA samples matches the yield, then I can pinpoint where your dear one is."

The DNA process was entrusted to the National Investigation Bureau (NBI), which suspended costly profiling and exams in November 2015. When Channel NewsAsia reached the result, the NBI did not comment on when or when the process will be resumed.

& # 39; WE WANT YOU & # 39;

Shyra never visited the cemetery, where she suspects that there are at least two of her family members. It's very likely that the rest are buried there, but that's the truth she still does not want to accept.

Shyra still hopes that her family will return to her.

Shyra at Tacloban home

Shyra says she hopes to become a teacher in the future. (Photo: Jack Board)

"I remember my unpleasant brothers and brothers, and I lost that I am with them. I miss the most during their birthday. There are times when I can not help, but it's late that my mothers or siblings will ever come to our door. I also like to think that my parents are somewhere abroad, and they simply have not decided to return home, "she said.

Bernaday says that the acceptance of a person without a body is a difficult obstacle to overcoming. He has spoken with many people who do not want to announce their relatives, preferring their loss on the official missing list.

"It's a pain in their hearts that they are dead. I spent a lady waiting for a man to come home. In the house of his house, though it is abandoned, there is a statement saying" we are waiting for you, "he said.

Over the years, the missing register has dropped to just 273 Tacloban City. The death sentence is sad, but it also means that families have the right to receive financial assistance.

Place of transfer Tacloban

Shyra and her youngest brother, Josua, live in the relocation area of ​​the victims of the disaster. (Photo: Jack Board)

Shyra has accepted a payment to her family. And now there are other everyday challenges to be fought. She lives in a relocation of Haitian dwellers in the north of the city, caring for her youngest brother, Josuu, the only survivor of her family, who lived with her grandparents outside Tacloban when the storm struck.

Shyra meets her goal of completing high school and is currently 12 years old. She wants to become a teacher in the future.

His newly built house is decorated with framed photographs for happier days long: their mother with the newborn; baby band colored dress. The cover of the album is "Endless Love".

There is still a deep agony that is delayed by time. It goes beyond the door of this house; it's a communal and it's a lingers.

"I only read the time until finally everything is healing for Yolanda. It's not over yet," Bernadas said.

"People in their hearts and in their lives … are still injured. At night, when there is intense wind, they can hear the babies who weep."

If any of these cries was Shyra, nobody could blame her.

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