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Dating apps use artificial intelligence to help find love – a citizen

Forget browsing infinite profiles. Dating apps use artificial intelligence to recommend where to go on the first date, suggest what to say and even find a partner that looks like your favorite celebrity.

Until recently, smartphone dating applications – such as the Tinder, which allows you to see real-time access, and if you want to get to know someone, leave it to users to ask someone, and then the date goes right.

But in order to fight the growing fatigue, without a free profile, the online dating industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help organize meetings in real life and act as a dating trainer.

These new uses of AI, the science of developing computer programs to reproduce human processes such as thinking and decision making, dating applications, were highlighted in a four-day webinar meeting, which was completed Thursday in Lisbon.

EHarmony's online dating pioneer has announced that it is developing an AI-enabled feature that forces users to recommend a meeting personally when they've been chatting in the app for some time.

"There are many activities in dating apps, but most do not have a date," says eHarmony CEO Grands Langston.

"Guys do not know how to ask, it's really amazing how people need help, and we think we can do it in an automated way."

"Put pressure"

Loveflutter, a UK dating application, plans to use AI to analyze chats between their users to determine their compatibility and recommend when they should meet.

"We will send a message stating:" You really get to know why you do not apply for your first date, "said Daigo Smith, co-founder of Loveflutter.

Loveflutter already offers places to go on the first date that are equally distant from both homes using information from Foursquare – apps that help smartphone users find nearby restaurants, bars and clubs.

"It's not like pressure to organize this first date," Smith said.

Tinder founder Seon Rad said the AI ​​will "bring a better user experience" and the iPhone Siri Voice Assistant is expected to work as a collector in the future.

Voice activated

The fully-fledged AIMM voice messaging application that uses AI to represent human combat services is already being tested in Denver, where it has around 1,000 users.

When you open an app, the soothing voice asks you what you want to spend on the date or where you want to travel.

After that, you are offered the right games for your personality. Once you've selected the one you want to know, the app tells you.

After several days, the app will help you set the time for a phone call between you and your match – and give advice on your first date based on what you know about the other person.

"It says things like" based on the personality of her personality, she's a traditional person, I'd recommend dinner and walk, "said app designer Kevin Temans.

The app also reminds that during the day he asks questions "about things that matter to you," he added.

By date, the app checks both people to see how it happened and suggests they should continue to see each other or continue to search.

Teman wants to make it available throughout the United States at the beginning of next year.

Celebrity quest

Badoo, a London dating application, is now using AI and face recognition technology to help users find a game that is likely to look like someone, including their former or famous character.

Users can upload a picture of a user, and this app will search for Badoo more than 400 million users worldwide.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, Oscar winning actress Emma Stone and singer Beyonce are world-famous celebrities, as Badoo introduced the double Lookalike feature last year.

However, not everyone is convinced that an AI can help find love.

Among the participants at the summit were the UN Secretary-General Antony Guteress, a banker who said he was "a little skeptical," which could help "people choose their souls".

"I am very glad that I have chosen my soul friend with traditional methods," said the former Portuguese prime minister, who is married to the adviser to the City of Lisbon.

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