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Daniel Bryan wins WWE title. (No Instagram: @ wwe)


Daniel Bryan wins WWE title. (No Instagram: @ wwe)

Daniel Bryan wins WWE title. (No Instagram: @ wwe)

By Rafael Bandayrel

Daniel Bjian is once again the main champion after he has regained the WWE title, ending with AJ Styles for a long time in the main episode of SmackDown Live during the main event.

SmackDown began playing Styles, paying attention to his alleged Survivor Series opponent Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman, a lawyer at Lesnar, then emerged from the crowd and told Styles that he was "the second largest in-ring performer" located next to Bryan's company.

In response to this, Styles reminded Hayman that, although he had "no other respect" for Bryan, he also kissed "Yeah," to keep the WWE title two weeks ago.

The announcement was followed by Bryan's son who came out to tell Styles, who was champion in 371 days.

"Before the game, I said that I respect you and I think," said Bjjans. "But I told you that I have been looking for a reason to attack you, and I think it as hell."

"So, let me tell you what: you do not speak about my name again, and I'm coming to you."

This challenging style once again mentioned Bryan's name and Bryan did what he promised and attacked AJ. Both were pulled from each other, but Commissioner Schaan McMahon eventually booked the championship fortnight later in the night.

Bryan was about to return to the championship, as on several occasions he tried to submit styles with "Yes Lock" but no results.

The game became quick when Styles did not answer with the "phenomenal forearm" and got into the middle of the judge. Bryan has the advantage of changing styles below the belt, followed by a three-dimensional road blow to three.

Bryan was not satisfied with the victory of the champions, continuing the Strike attack after a game with several kicks on his head.

For the first time since June 2014, Bryan has been merged with the name he was forced to give up on a neck injury. He retires in 2016, before a wonderful comeback begins this year.

Bryan will replace Styles as the Lesnar Survivor series opponent, as the much anticipated champion vs. champion opening.

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