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Azerbaijani GP: Valtteri Bottas on the pole after Charles Leclerc crash

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Valtteri Bottas led Lewis Hamilton as Mercedes's second chaotic Azerbaijani Grand Prix, which was qualified as a Ferrari challenge.

Charles Leclerc had been a lover, but Ferrari's new star collapsed in second qualification and would start ninth.

"I'm stupid," Leclerc told the team radio before saying about social media: "There is no excuse. I've been useless. I'll try to get a better tomorrow."

His teammate Sebastian Vettel was third, 0.302 seconds from speed.

It was a staggering session with two long-lasting breakdowns, the other – Williams Robert Kubica, and several drivers left the walls around the challenging Baku street chain – including Vettel, who hit the inside at Eight in the same session as the Leclerc accident but could continue.

All this, the brutal Mercedes car moved forward, closing its second row in the second row and standing in the fourth round in four rounds, strengthening itself this season.

After Leclercas crash, it was not clear who was the new favorite pole, but Hamilton's first trip was the fastest, with a final rating of 0.4 seconds faster than anyone else.

However, at the beginning of his last trip, Mercedes was tense to start his last lap before the frame flag and Hamilton seem to be at risk because they were too close to Bottas.

In the first sector, he immediately lost 0.3 seconds, and despite the next two rounds, Bottas just jumped forward, and Hamilton came to 0.059 seconds.

Leclerc has surpassed his outstanding teammate, but it is his first big mistake

Fast Ferrari mix it again

It was a serious disappointment for Ferrari, for which Leclerc was the beginning of the weekend.

Leclerc again looked fast in the first qualification, although Red Bull Pierre Gasly killed him with the fastest time with another lap, and the 21-year-old was fast on his first lap on the middle tire in the second qualification, and Ferrari preferred them at the start of the race, just to smash at the second round of the eighth round.

Leclerc went too fast on a tight left hand, leading to Baku's historic medieval castle, blocking the wheel and overcoming obstacles.

He was clearly demolished when he got out of the car and looked at the sky.

"I'm very disappointed," said Leclerch. "I have been very strong all weekend, but I didn't have to do it. I'd turn to a few hours and realized what I could do to avoid these mistakes, but I'll try to come back and be a good race tomorrow."

Tournament 8 turned out to be a nightmare for several drivers

Leclerc's first lap was strong enough to get into the top 10 shooting games, but he couldn't take part in the big damage to his car.

But since Alfa Romeo Antonio Giovinazzi is a 10-seat grid penalty, Leclerc will be advertised to start the ninth. From there on to a different strategy, starting with average tires, he will most likely win the podium during the race.

So far, it has been a perfect weekend

Red Bull's Max Verstappen was fourth, 0.574 seconds ahead of Sergio Perez, Toro Rosso Daniil Kvyat, and McLaren Lando Norris, who continued his impressive start in eighth place.

On the back, George Russell was surprised that Kubica was a qualified teammate, despite the fact that all his Friday was after his car was damaged when he went over a loose cover of the human hole.

Russels was 0.393 sec. Faster than Kubica, who closed the wall at the Eighteenth Round, misjudging his entrance, getting inside the wall and intimidating the barrier outside.

The session continued with a theme dedicated to the weekend, which began with the first practice that was canceled after the Russell incident, so the organizers were able to check the other hatch covers around the track, and then the truck brought its car back to the pits colliding with the bridge. .

The first race in Baku in 2016 was snore-fest, but the last two have been full of accidents, and so far this weekend has an unpredictable and accidental race.

Kubica was the first to saddle the medieval castle

What they said

Bottas said, "I'm really happy. Ferrari has been really strong. Charles was wrong and as a team we did everything to gain."

Hamilton said, "It has been so close to the whole weekend. Ferrari has looked very fast. Valtteri was a great job in qualifying. It's a huge result for us. Block the front row due to the circumstances I am very grateful for."

Vettel admitted that Ferrari was disappointed with the result.

He said, "I don't know if they stole it. I think they were a little faster than today. It was hard to find the ring balance when we pressed the outer lap and playing with two and trying to get something." was a good circle, but I had no traction.

"I'm happy to get the maximum out of it, but from the team's point of view, we waited for a better session."

Bottas and Hamilton celebrate another Mercedes line block – the fourth of four races
Ideal View: The famous Flame Towers of Baku
Kubicas Williams' teammate George Russell was the first driver to experience trouble when his car was badly damaged on Friday when he had a free drain.

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