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21 years old is the first Filipino to lead Victoria's secret runway: "It feels like a dream", entertainment news


The 21-year-old model became the first Filipino to go to the most fashionable fashion show in the world – Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York on November 8.

Kelsey Merritt, a communications graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, will become Victoria's secret model, which will be seen hundreds of millions around the world when the concert will take place on December 2.

"It feels like a dream," she said in a Teen Vogue interview published online. And the country obsessed with beauty contests could no longer agree.

Philippine model Kelsey Merritt (R) wears runway 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 8th. 2018 New York Street 94 Photo: AFP

Today Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is undoubtedly more popular than a beauty contest that is being presented in more than 100 countries, especially among young people around the world who are trying to model a small piece of this iconic underwear brand.

Merritt will add the celebrity in the lines of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Merritt, who was born in Pampanga Province and grew up in Manila, was also an example of the Inquirer ToBeYou section. She hosted the ToBeYou Boracay shots when she was a local Bench brand model in Kashtiq.

In the past, she worked unanimously to become a model. Despite ToBeYou, she was shoots local glare and billboards and walked along Bench brand runway exhibitions.

She said to Teen Vogue before the show: "Show that the show is a dream, but being the first Filipino woman to walk in the show means I've made history. The show is broadcast in more than 190 countries with models from 20 countries, and I chose to represent my region. Blessed! "

Her friend Ateneo, Nicole Thorp, as well as you helped, described Merritt: "She's nice and hard and she can juggle her modeling work in New York and London."

"I'm just me"

The striking network of Merritt runways warm the internet, and some non-citizens have commented that she is not a "pure Filipino" – his mother is Filipino, who is a father of Americans, so she should not demand her achievement as an Asian victory, because she is "white." "

However, Merritt has a sensible and unequivocal answer to this question Network Vogue: "I would love to tell them that I am just me."

She posted to her Twitter account: "Pinanganak is like a Pilipin at lumaki ako sa Pampanga. What do you mean by saying that Manila luggage was lumipat in the United States last year. Mas pinoy by dugo what you" clean "about Hindi by nakatapak sa [Pilipinas]. (I was born in the Philippines and grew up Pampanga, finished my studies in Manila, moved to the USA last year. My bleeding is a lot of Filipinos than "pure" who have never gone to the Philippines). I love my country and I am proud of where I am from. "

Obviously she has advocates, most of them are students.


In the ToBeYou survey, the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Ira Patricia Pelayo said: "But what is the true beauty of the Philippines? Although Kelsey Merritt is a Eurocentric feature, she still embodies the strong and fierce Filipino traits. The Philippines with blood is something about us. I should be proud of her as representing us in the international modeling industry. "

Another UST student, Hasmn Sevilla, added: "Her foreign appearance does not give her less Philippine. Without our blood, a high level of her nationality is the content of our hearts, and her beauty and courage are proud to all of us!"

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