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2019 Aston Vantage Do donuts, destroys rear tires


At the moment, Aston Martin is in the middle of the inventive process, which believes the company is working with Mercedes-AMG to offer a full range of attractive offers. And while in the future there is the Gaydon SUV, among other things, we are here today to focus on Brit's new approach model, namely the 2019 Vantage.

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The Grand Tourer has already won over enthusiasts from all over the world and even convinced many of them that the new front grille design is the right way.

As for the Affalterbach partnership, the way the new Vantage received its twin turbo 4.0 liter V8. When producing 510 horsepower for a British toy, the engine seems to be just the thing for the GT's purpose.

However, we want to give you a sample of what happens if the owner decides to remove gloves and use Aston for some good old honging.

But first, here's a reminder of how Andy Palmer, the company's heah honcho, sees 2019 Vantage: "I am very excited about what we have created: the new Aston Martin Vantage, which is more precise in appearance and intent, by packing heart rate performance and dazzling dynamics for everyday use. True sports car with a thinner appearance and a stronger dynamic drive, the new Vantage has been waiting for the Aston Martin's clean rider,"

Against this background, we have shown a material that shows that Aston Martin Vantage is making a donut in 2019.

And, as you can imagine, the adventure sound side is as appealing as the visual, so we invite you to turn on the volume before reaching the "play" button below.

Oh, and if any Porschephiles come in here, you should know that this vantage enthusiast Vantage used 991.1 911 GT3 and is about to accept a new GT3 RS delivery.

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