Tuesday , February 7 2023

You've betrayed data from your ex-credit card to go with your new girlfriend in Paris


The victim was Angie Esfor, a South African resident who lives in the United Kingdom, and at the beginning when she began to understand the rarer movements of her card, she thought she was taken by a thief, but then she realized that it was his former partner, the newspaper The Independent ".

The Fezsenfelds said with friends that he had lost his wallet and used the opportunity to steal data from Exford, who at the time did not show anything suspicious in his actions, explains the British newspaper.

"This is a night when I think he took my bank information," wrote a 29-year-old tweet, who created the thread on this social network condemning everything so that it would not happen to anyone else.

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In addition to buying tickets to Paris (France), Fezsenfeld used his ex card to buy roses for his new girlfriend, pay parking tickets, pay instagram ads and even pay for Sky TV subscription, detailing The Independent.

All spending exceeded GBP 200, about 5 million Colombian pesos.

Exford's friend was able to access travel data, including the EasyJet Flight Indicator, and thus was able to alert the police to take the appropriate reception, said the English media.

Fezsenfeld was arrested and paid 26 weeks in jail and 150 hours in public works, "Independent" concluded.

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