Wednesday , March 22 2023

Wondering Jockey Plaza: Venezuelan Extreo Bankruptcy Casa Banchero Company


Criminals who broke off on June 22nd Casa Banchero jewelry, located in the Jockey Plaza Mall, have been identified as reported by the Dirincri Anti-theft Police. With that in mind, his international capture is already being prepared.

According to the new information, it was stated that Anthony Jesús Rivas Méndez (26 years) would be the leader of the criminal group Tren de Aragua. This guy escaped from the Tocorón prison in Venezuela. That's how he arrived in Peru to plan an attack on a familiar one jewelry.

"The full identification was confirmed by raising the secrecy of the communications, obtaining mobile phone content (photos, reports), anthropology expertise (image contrast)," he explained. Peru21 Colonel Carlos Cespedes, Chief of the Dirincri Robbery Police.

With 12 other criminals, Rivand Mences on June 22 planned and executed an attack on a well-known institution located on the second floor of Jockey Plaza. Hampone went jewelry After a big door with a rope, it will take a month.

With that in mind, and the fact that two members of the PNP will move forward, the criminals started raving against the police, leaving one with gunshot wounds.

Remember that the dangerous criminals face the shopping mall security cameras; however, they needed to identify them, so they started complicated work after one of the criminals left the cell phone when they fled.

Hence, PNP troops found and analyzed the images and videos they created on the mobile device. In detail, 9 out of 12 foreign killers are identified by names, surnames and criminal records.

Those involved in theft Casa Banchero jewelry, because Jockey Plaza is Carlos Martínez Federico, "Pampero", who arrived with an arms pistol; Jefferson Manzano León, "Jefer" (25); Manuel Hernández Armas, "Dember"; Jermaín Rodríguez Toro; Renson Gil Arocha and Robert Rodríguez Rivas.

Among the international searches are also Génesis García Avilés, Génesis and Yeniffer Gonzales Flores. All persons involved are tracked by the Venezuelan police.

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