Wednesday , February 8 2023

WhatsApp Tricks: Learn How To Activate The New "Stickers" That Used On Your Android Device | Application | iPhone | Facebook | Emoji | Wspp | Technology


As we already know, "stickers" these are the new WhatsApp feel; However, it was only available iphone in these days. But the wait is over now everyone can use it and so have fun with their friends.

However, this extension is not something that is displayed on the cell phone overnight, because you have to take a few steps to, finally,stickers"First of all, you need to upgrade the latest version WhatsApp and so you can enjoy it.

As we know, the alliance that has been Facebook with WhatsApp has enabled this messaging service to take advantage of all the great platform. For example, a GIF and, if possible, a "sticker" is a new way.

First, you need to enter a Play Store, a virtual store, in order for it to be activated Android, then go to "My applications"This will give you the latest update WhatsApp, where you will be told that if you do, you can enjoy the "stickers".

After you go to the conversation bar, there will be a third option, after the "Emoji"and" gif ", which are nothing more and no less than" stickers. "With this you can use your chats for entertainment.

Even all WhatsApp users can create their own "stickers"with the photos they want the most. Then you can see the best of what this new upgrade is.

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