Tuesday , June 22 2021

Traders simulate Mayor Ricardo Velezmoro's "funeral procession"

Traders from Lambayeque, they conducted a simulation of "funeral procession" Measured by Ricardo Velezmoro Ruiz, categorically rejecting his demand for remodeling work on the market for models in the province.

Their heads were placed on black, handkerchiefs and head scarves and they poured the coffin on the outskirts of the commercial district, rejecting the plans of the current mayor.

"We have said that we will defend the market with a series of mobilization and that's why we are doing it. Mr Velezmoro has nothing to do with this work, who has already seen the new measure, "said the dealers.

How do you remember the municipalities warned the traders that the project will still be implemented, despite the constant refusal. Even the Mayor, in announcements to the media, assured that work would be done no matter what happens.

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