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TikTok | A fun sexual health campaign is being distributed at TikTok [VIDEO] | PERU


Sexual health campaign run by the Ferreñafe Provincial Health Center “Mesones Muro” in 2006 Lambayeque, it became widespread on the social network Only Tok for its funny portrayal.

With the aim of sensitizing the population to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), a group of health professionals from the aforementioned health center interpreted a sketch on the role of condom use in preventing the spread of HIV-AIDS.

Under the title “Say No to HIV”, the video shows members of the health care staff disguised as male and female genitals, along with the AIDS virus that accompanies the funny scene. At one point in the video, a huge condom seems to solve the problem, all in the rhythm of OMEGA’s title “Pegao / Me Miro Y La Mire.”

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This unique initiative won first place in the TikTok competition for STI / HIV-AIDS prevention, organized by the Regional Health Authority – Lambayeque.

“We will be part of the change. Use a condom, check, follow the treatment, ”the message could be read on a poster held by the nurses at the end of TikTok.

Within minutes, the social networking publication TikTok became popular and received congratulations from Internet users who recognized their creativity and initiative. Even Facebook’s Regional Health Management – Lambayeque account has already received more than 100,000 responses and 7,000 views.

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