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Thrones Game, Season 8: How was the story of the main character of each Trona game before the end of the HBO series? | Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen | TV | Series

Throne Game, Season 8 | Eighth and last season "Game of Thrones " ("Throne Game") will be released on Sunday, April 14th HBO Worldwide and unlike the first six episodes with ten episodes and the seventh of the seven, there will be only six episodes in the final season of the series, although they will be longer episodes.

The last six fantasy drama chapters, which started filming on October 23, 2017 and ended in July 2018, will focus on "Winter Wind" and "Spring Dream". "(" Sueño de primavera ", preliminary title of the book), the last two unpublished saga names written by George RR Martin.

In this context, as in the seventh season,Game of Thrones " ended on August 27, 2017, that is, almost a year and a half ago, a review is needed. After all, a fragile memory.

Remember here what he remained.Game of Thrones"from each major character in the last stage series. t HBO.


"The Dragon and Wolf" (7 × 07), Kit Harington and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) met Cersei, and although things didn't happen as expected, John's loyalty proof helped bring them closer

With the alleged ceasefire in which Cersei agreed, "Dragon" and "Wolf" started back north. But it wasn't all – Jon and Daenerys decided to let themselves go with what they felt and had the first bodily contact. However, you have to ask: what will happen to the couple when they discover that they have the same blood?


At the end of the seventh season "Game of Thrones"Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) went to Winterfell with John and Daener, and the last time he appeared on the screen, he watched the character of Kit Harington when he came to Dragons' mother.

While the director Jeremy Podeswa has said that the last scene of Tirion's Lannister responds to the Queen's political concerns, Dinklage, in an interview with the TV Guide, acknowledged that his character was "in love" from Daenerys before the episode premiered. "He loves his employer. How well can you be in your job if you have these feelings?" He asked.


Following the emotional reunion of Stark's brothers, Petyr & # 39; Littlefinger & # 39; Baelish (Aidan Gillen) began to intrigue between Aryu (Maisie Willlia) and Sophie Turner, but when she seemed to be working again, he was accused of throwing Lysa Arrino through the Moon Gate to kill John Arrin. Lys tears to poison him to start a conflict between Lannister and Stark to contact Cersee and Joffrey Baratheon to hand over Ned.

Although he tried to deny it, he fell, prayed, and declared his love for Sansa, everything was useless. Arya didn't wait for her last foundation to end and cut her neck with her dagger.

The last Stark's sister scene shows them more united than ever before, remembering a phrase that the father always repeated: "When the snow falls and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies, but the herd survives".


When Sam arrived in Winterfell, he immediately sought the Bac (Isaac Hempstead Wright), who told him that John was not Ned Stark, but Prince Rhaegar's son. To which Sam replied that his rewritten manuscripts recorded divorce and her husband's prince with Lianna, the son of Ned.


Although Queen Cerey Lannister (Lena Headey) agreed to the existence of white pedestrians after seeing John accepting the wall on the other side and agreeing to the ceasefire, she made the condition that the King of the North abstain when the war resumes. John Snow, faithful to his principles, replied that he could not promise him because he had already traveled to the "mother of the dragons" and recognized him as his queen.

When John gave up, Cersei left. But after an open conversation with Tyrion, he agreed to send his army to the north to fight with the forces of Daener and John Snow to stop the night king.

However, when Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) organized his men's departure to the north, Cersei summoned him and said he was stupid because he believed his words because he believed that he had left Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk) and believed that he will leave his house to die in the north. He admitted that he had sent Euron to Essos to conclude an agreement with the Gold Company to have the largest army in the world with horses and elephants that could deal with Dothrakis, Unsullied (Immaculate). and Daeneri dragons.

At the end of 'Dragon and Wolf' (7 × 07), Kingslayer was seen to leave the city because winter fell on everyone.

The King of the Night

Last Minute "Dragon and Wolf" (7 × 07), the last episode of the seventh season.Game of Thrones "but Tormund (Christopher Hiv) and Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) watched the wall appear in the army of the dead with white walkers and the Kid in Heaven, with the night king (Vladimir Furdo Furdik) as his rider.

The dead dragon gave away part of the wall with the breath of ice or blue, and so the night army managed to move forward. Can John and Daejee stop him?

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