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They take chihuanes and they are almost lincho chilca

November 13, 2018 at noon 14:15.

The criminal gang called Southern chihuanes, identified as Jesús Romero Tolentino (20) Manuel Ríos Condori (20) and C.E.G. (17) attacked his young victim, a 20-year-old student, Huancayo.

One of the Chihuahua He took the student Elder Alvarado (20) while the other two picked up a LG cell phone, keys to his house and his wallet, where he had a motorcycle ownership card, SOAT, DNI, two savings cards and S / 50.00 in cash.

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After the offense, the victim asked for help and went about 30 neighbors Chihuahua, which was found a few blocks away near the Leoncio Prado and the Los Angeles Avenues. The three objects are almost inspired by the same neighbors.

Police officers from the Chilca Police Station came to their place and managed to retrieve the student's belongings. Chihuahua They were transferred to the police unit, where they indicated that they had only two couples, and therefore they needed money.

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Chihuahua According to the Chilca Police Chief, Chuquillanqui, they were dedicated to cogotair victims in order to steal their belongings.

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